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John A. Mercer, Ph.D.

  • University of Iowa, B.S., 1979, Zoology
  • University of California, San Diego, Ph.D., 1986, Biology

Professional Experience:
  • 1986-1991: Leukemia Society of America Postdoctoral Fellow, Mammalian Genetics Laboratory, National Cancer Institute-Frederick
  • 1991-1995: Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • 1995-2006: Scientist, McLaughlin Research Institute
  • 2006-present: Professor, McLaughlin Research Institute
  • October 2009-present: Visiting Scholar, Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University School of Medicine

Recent Publications:
  • W├Âllert, T., Patel, A., Lee, Y.L., Provance, D.W., Vought, V.E., Cosgrove, M.S., Mercer, J.A., Langford, G.M. (2011).
    Myosin5a tail associates directly with Rab3A-containing compartments in neurons.
    J Biol Chem. 286:14352-14361. (link)
  • Wang, Z., Edwards, J.G., Riley, N., Provance, D.W., Karcher, R.L., Li, X., Davison, I.G., Ikebe, M., Mercer, J.A., Kauer, J.A., and Ehlers, M.D. (2008).
    Myosin-Vb mobilizes recycling endosomes and AMPA receptors for postsynaptic plasticity.
    Cell 135: 535-548. (link)
  • Provance, D.W., E.J. Addison, P.R. Wood, D.Z. Chen, R.L. Karcher, C.M. Silan, and J.A. Mercer (2008).
    Myosin-Vb functions as a peripheral, dynamic tether for endocytic compartments during transferrin trafficking.
    BMC Cell Biology 8: 44. (link)
  • Salerno, V.P., Calliari, A., Provance, D.W., Sotelo-Silveira, J.R., Sotelo, J.R., and Mercer, J.A. (2008).
    Myosin-Va mediates RNA localization in primary fibroblasts from multiple organs.
    Cell Motil. Cytoskel., 65: 422-433. (Download PDF)
  • Stauffer, E.A., Scarborough, J.D., Hirono, M., Miller, E.D., Shah, K., Mercer, J.A., Holt, J.R., and Gillespie, P.G. (2005). Fast adaptation in vestibular hair cells requires myosin-1c Activity. Neuron 47: 541-553. (Download PDF)
  • D.W. Provance, C.R. Gourley, C.M. Silan, L.C. Cameron, K.M. Shokat, J.R. Goldenring, K.Shah, P.G. Gillespie, and J.A. Mercer (2004).
    Chemical-genetic inhibition of a sensitized mutant myosin-Vb demonstrates a role in peripheral-pericentriolar membrane traffic.
    Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 101, 1868-1873. (Download PDF)
  • Holt, J.R., Gillespie, S.K.H., Provance, D.W., Shah, K., Shokat, K.M., Corey, D.P., Mercer, J.A. and Gillespie, P.G. (2002).
    A chemical-genetic strategy implicates myosin-1c in adaptation by hair cells.
    Cell 108, 371-381. (Download PDF)
  • Provance, D.W., James, T.L. and Mercer, J.A. (2002).
    Melanophilin, the product of the leaden locus, is required for targeting of myosin-Va to melanosomes.
    Traffic 3,124-132. (Abstract)

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Laboratory Members:

Colleen Silan
Research Assistant

Research Interests:
  • Unconventional myosins in organelle and RNA transport
  • Mechanism of transduction in inner-ear hair cells
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