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State Director: Irene Grimberg

State Coordinator: Kiley Eversole

The Montana tournament consists of a series of individual and team events. Junior High and High School students from Montana schools compete for Olympic-style medals and championship trophies. State winners of the two divisions advance to the Science Olympiad National Tournament in May 2014.

Individual Events: A school may enter one team per event; teams will be disqualified and receive no score if multiple entrants.

Eligibility: Montana has two divisions, Division B -- Grades 6 to 9 and Division C -- Grades 9 to 12. Ninth grade placement depends on grades normally constituted in each school. Division B teams may have a maximum of five ninth grade students and C teams may have seven twelfth grade students. Middle schools may invite five of their last year's eighth grade students to be part of the team. Ninth grade students can compete at only one level.

2013 Membership Cost: A $325.00 charge per team of 11 - 15 students or $275.00 per team of 10 or fewer students covers materials and membership for the state tournament. Schools may bring a Jr. Varsity (JV) team to compete in the events. The JV Team will be scored in each event they enter, but their scores will not be used to determine medals and State placement.

Membership Form: Montana School Coaches should mail (SMRC, 401 Linfield Hall, MSU, Bozeman, MT 59715) or Fax (406-994-3733) a completed MEMBERSHIP FORM to our office by October 18, 2013. Your Coaches Manual will be sent upon our receipt of the COMPLETED membership form and department purchase order.

Montana Events: Not all events listed in the Coaches Manual will be offered at the State competition. A list of Montana Events will be posted on the EVENTS SCHEDULE of the Home Page by August 20, 2013.

Science Fun Night: In conjunction with Science Olympiad, join us for a special night of science activities and fun at the Museum of the Rockies on Monday, November 19th. Click here for Science Fun Night details and reservation information.

Clarifications: Changes, updates, and clarifications may be made and announced up to and on the day of the Olympiad. Please click CHECK FOR UPDATES and Frequently Asked Questions or email ( Kiley Eversole, State Coordinator, Phone: 406-994-6768 if you have questions or concerns.



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