June 28, 2005


Kathleen Chafey, PhD, RN
Kathleen Chafey, PhD, RN, was recently selected for Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing (http://www.aannet.org/about/) in recognition of her accomplishments within the nursing profession. Dr. Chafey graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the University of Minnesota with a master s degree in public health nursing and PhD in Developmental Psychology with a focus in moral psychology. She holds the rank of professor in the College of Nursing at Montana State University.

A longstanding interest and education in both public health and ethics has provided direction for Dr. Chafey s educational, research and professional work throughout her career. From her Peace Corps experience in Colombia, helping resettle migrant farm workers in Minnesota and developing strategies to increase the number and educational preparation of future American Indian nurse leaders, she has been motivated by a commitment to a more just distribution of the goods of society, including education and health care for the least healthy members of our society.

Prof. Chafey s interest in the health of American Indian people spans the entirety of her career, and is currently the primary focus of her professional activities. She designed and directs the Caring for Our Own Program that has been recognized as an exemplar by HRSA and the Indian Health Service. The program is a partnership with seven Montana and Wyoming Indian tribes to recruit and graduate American Indian baccalaureate-prepared nurses. As director she works with Indian students directly and with tribal leaders, educators and health professionals to build a sustainable infrastructure that ensures a university education in nursing remains a viable choice for Indian students in the decades ahead.