A new 3-year grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for $744,441 will allow College of Nursing faculty to collaborate with Industrial (systems) Engineering faculty at MSU and the Montana Hospital Association (MHA) to expand and enhance the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) master of nursing option. Faculty will implement the interdisciplinary curriculum to increase the competence of CNL graduates, improve the quality and safety of client care, and positively affect health outcomes and efficiency of health care systems. The distance-delivered curriculum and new partnership with MHA will increase access to advanced nursing education for place-bound nurses in rural and frontier settings through clinical placements and partnerships with clinical preceptors in remote settings. All aspects for the curriculum adhere to the national guidelines for graduate nursing education, the core competencies for CNL practice, and criteria for national certification. CNL graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions across the health care delivery system.