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The Graduate School Requirements

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It is crucial and imperative that all requirements and deadlines of The Graduate School are met. Failure to do so may delay a timely graduation.

Approved Program of Study

A Graduate Program of Study & Committee Form must be filed with The Graduate School by the end of the second semester of enrollment. The Program of Study delineates the student's time table for expected course work as well as the name of the student's advisor-mentor and the names of the examining committee. The Program of Study must be approved by the MPA Director and other participating faculty. Graduate Program Forms necessary for this process may be obtained from the Political Science Department, The Graduate School, or on-line at

Application to Graduate

An Application for the Advanced Degree Form must be filed during the final semester of course work. If the candidate expects to graduate during either the Fall or Spring semester, this application must be filed by the 3rd Friday of the term. One copy of this form, to be signed by the candidate's mentor/advisor, may be obtained from the Political Science Department, The Graduate School or on-line at

Time Limit

The Graduate School at MSU requires students to complete all requirements in six years from the time the first course is taken. If necessary, more than six years may be approved through petition to the Graduate Student Academic Appeals Board.,However, ordinarily if a student runs over the six year limit, the graduate school requires a repeating of courses. The number of repeat courses is dependent upon the amount of time over the six year limit.


Students must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA; no grade lower than a C will be accepted. Students may take one course pass/fail with the approval of the MPA Director and the Instructor.

Other: Each candidate for the MPA is responsible for making sure that all departmental and Graduate School requirements for the advanced degree have been completed and that all procedural deadlines are met.