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michael babcock, Ph.D
Professor of Psychology
Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana

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Jena Mathers was a first year student in my lab, but is taking some time off from our program.

Kate Kujawa successfully completed and defended her thesis. Congratulations Kate! She is planning to hang around the lab and finish up some projects for us.

Former Graduate Students

John Barton, M.S. (1990) Univ of South Alabama, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

Andrea Everingham, M.S. (1997)- Family advocate, Headstart

Hui Liu, Ph.D. (1998) Co-sponsored with MSU Neuroscience program

Heather Hartman, (2000)- Completed Ph.D., University of Utah

Barry Hoopes, M.S. (2002)- Psychosocial rehabilitation specialist

Elizabeth Schwartz (Ansley), M.S. (2005)- Physicians Assistant, Bozeman.

Katie Coombs, M.S. (2007)- Ph.D. candidate Univ of Arizona

Damon McNeill, M.S. (2007)- Ph.D. candidate Univ of Alberta

Christy Weeden, M.S. (2007)- Ph.D. candidate Univ of Utah

Courtney Chapman M.S. (2009), Medical School

Bridget Brox M.S. (2010), Lab Manager, Babcock Laboratory, Adjunct Assistant Professor, MSU department of Psychology (2011). Currently attending graduate school in New Zealand.

Nik Williams MS (2011). After graduation, Nik travelled around Asia with his friends and family.

Kate Kujawa MS (2014). Kate is continuing to work on projects in my lab this summer. Great to have around Kate!