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Contact Information

Richard A. Block, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Psychology
Montana State University
P.O. Box 173440
Bozeman, MT 59717-3440 USA

Tel: (406) 994-5173
Fax: (406) 994-3804
Location: 313 Traphagen Hall


Richard A. Block

Block winning an award

Research Interests

  • Memory and cognition
  • Psychology of time
  • Face recognition
  • Meta-analysis


  • Ph.D. (1973). Psychology, University of Oregon
  • M.A. (1970). Psychology, University of Oregon
  • B.A. (1968). Psychology, University of Michigan

Selected Recent Publications

  • Block, R. A., & Gruber, R. P. (in press). Time perception, attention, and memory: A selective review. Acta Psychologica.
  • Block, R. A., & Hancock, P. A. (in press). Psychology of time: Basic and applied issues. In R. Hoffman (Ed.), Cambridge Handbook of Applied Perception Research.
  • Block, R. A., & Hancock, P. A. (2013). Time perception. Annotated bibliography in Oxford Online Bibliographies. [Link to follow]
  • Gruber, R. P., & Block, R. A. (2013). The flow of time as a perceptual illusion. Journal of Mind and Behavior, 34, 91-100. [PDF]
  • Hancock, P. A., & Block, R. A. (2012). The psychology of time: A view backward and forward. The American Journal of Psychology, 125, 267-274. [PDF]
  • Block, R. A., Hancock, P. A., & Zakay, D. (2010). How cognitive load affects duration judgments: A meta-analytic review. Acta Psychologica, 134, 330-343. doi:10.1016/j.actpsy.2010.03.006 [PDF]
  • Block, R. A. (2009). Intent to remember briefly presented human faces and other pictorial stimuli enhances recognition memory. Memory & Cognition, 37, 667-678. [PDF]
  • Block, R. A., & Zakay, D. (2008). Timing and remembering the past, the present, and the future. In S. Grondin (Ed.), Psychology of time (pp. 367-394). Bingley, England: Emerald. [PDF]
  • Block, R. A., & Zakay, D. (2006). Prospective remembering involves time estimation and memory processes. In J. Glicksohn & M. S. Myslobodsky (Eds.), Timing the future: The case for a time-based prospective memory (pp. 25-49). London: World Scientific. [PDF]

Recent Courses

  • Psychology of Time (PSYX 494)
  • Memory & Cognition PSYX 380)
  • Consciousness (PSYX 384)

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