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Department of Psychology

Montana State University
P.O. Box 173440
Bozeman, MT 59717-3440

Tel: (406) 994-3801
Fax: (406) 994-3804
Location: 319 Traphagen Hall

Department Chair

Dr. Keith Hutchison

Dept Administrative Associate

Brenda Lewis

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People in Our Department


Hutchison, Keith A. (Ph.D. 2001, University at Albany-SUNY). Associate Professor and Department Chair. Cognitive psychology; attention, implicit and explicit memory, language, cognitive effects of aging and Alzheimer's Disease. Phone (406) 994-5528. E-mail:

Babcock, Michael A. (Ph.D. 1985, Colorado State University). Professor. Cerebral ischemia, neurobiology of learning & memory, sensation and perception. Phone (406) 994-5175. E-mail:

Block, Richard A. (Ph.D. 1973, University of Oregon). Professor. Cognitive psychology: memory and attention, temporal information processing. Phone (406) 994-5173. E-mail:

Brooker, Rebecca J. (Ph.D. 2011, The Pennsylvania State University). Assistant Professor. Developmental psychology, psychopathology and neuroscience; Early markers of risk for anxiety problems, developmental trajectories of putative markers of early risk. E-mail:

Handley, Ian M. (Ph.D. 2003, Ohio University). Associate Professor. Social psychology; social cognition, attitudes and persuasion, affect and decision-making. Phone (406) 994-6508. E-mail:

Lynch, Wesley C. (Ph.D. 1971, University of New Mexico). Professor. Physiological psychology; learning & motivation, behavior modification, eating disorders. Phone (406) 994-3803. E-mail:

Meade, Michelle L. (Ph.D. 2003, Washington University). Assistant Professor. Cognitive psychology; memory, cognitive aging, collaborative memory, individual difference in performance. Phone (406) 994-5946. E-mail:

Moore, Colleen F. (Ph.D. 1978, University of Illinois). Professor. Early life effects on behavior such as prenatal alcohol, prenatal stress, and environmental pollutants. Risk perception and moral reasoning about hazards. Phone (406) 994-5174. E-mail:

Skewes, Monica. (Ph.D., 2006, University of Texas at El Paso). Assistant Professor. Health psychology, addictive behaviors, minority health disparities, substance abuse treatment, harm reduction. E-mail:

Smith, Jessi L. (Ph.D. 2002, University of Utah). Associate Professor. Social psychology; self-regulation of motivation, gender studies, interpersonal and achievement goals, stereotype threat. Phone (406) 994-5228. E-mail:

Matthew Vess. (Ph.D. 2010, University of Missouri). Assistant Professor. Social psychology; regulation of existential concerns, authenticity, self-esteem, health decisions. Phone (406) 994-5218. E-mail:

Assistant Teaching Professors

Barnes, Ralph (Ph.D.) Assistant Teaching Professor.  Introductory Psychology, Senior Thesis Capstone. Phone (406) 994-5172. E-mail:

Adjunct Instructors & Affiliates

Heiser, Shawna (M.S. 1997, Montana State University; Board Certified Behavior Analyst, BCBA 2009). Adjunct Instructor.  Behavior Modification, Psychology of Learning, Field Practicum). Phone (406) 994-4931. E-mail: External Web site:

Manley, Krista (M.S., 2012, Montana State University). Adjunct Instructor. Judgment & Decision Making, Abnormal Psychology, others. Phone (406) 994-6921. E-mail:

Marchak, Frank M. (Ph.D. 1988, Dartmouth College). Adjunct Instructor. Judgment & Decision Making, Senior Thesis Capston, Research Design & Analysis II. Research interests: Cognitive psychophysiology, memory, vision, credibility assessment. E-mail:

Russell, Elizabeth J. Adjunct Instructor. Psychology of gender, abnormal psychology, social psychology. Phone (406) 994-6921. E-mail:

Wieseler, Julie (Ph.D. 2001, University of Nebraska). Adjunct Instructor. Development Psychology, Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality, Research Design & Analysis I and II. E-mail:

Postdoctoral Researchers

Allen, Jill. (Ph.D. 2013, University of Nebraska- Lincoln). Postdoctoral Researcher. Applied social psychology, subtle prejudice, stereotype threat, diversity, objectification and dehumanization, body image. Email:

Brown, Elizabeth R.  (Ph.D. 2011, Miami University). Postdoctoral Researcher. Social psychology; understanding group differences, goals and motivation, system justification, social change, political psychology. E-mail: External Web site:

Retired Faculty (Recent)

Whitford, Fred (Bill) W. Adjunct Assistant Professor. Introductory Psychology; Abnormal Psychology. E-mail: Snail-mail, FedEx, and UPS: 1765 Moffit Gulch, Bozeman MT 59715. Home: 406-587-2851; Cell: 406-539-2280

Administrative Associate

Brenda Lewis
Department phone 1-406-994-3801
Department fax 1-406-994-3804

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
304 Traphagen Hall
P O Box 173440
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-3440