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Psychology Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni News


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Jill Allen (M.S. 2009; Ph.D. University of Nebraska, 2013). Assistant Professor at Drake Univeristy.

Jesse Bengson (M.S. 2005; Ph.D. UC Davis, 2011). Visiting professor at Bates College.

Frank Bosco (M.S. 2005; Ph.D. University of Memphis, 2011). Assistant Professor at Virginia Commenwealth University.

Scott Brown (M.S. 1980; Ph.D. Syracuse University). Professor at University of Conneticutt..

Justin Goss (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. Univ. of Texas, El Paso, 2013). Assistant Professor at University of Colorado, Pueblo.

Katie Hutchinson (M.S. 2007; Ph.D. Arizona State University, 2013). Associate Consultant, GLobal Scientific Communications.

Ann Lambert (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. University of Utah, 2011). Post-doc at University of Virginia.

Keith Leavitt (M.S. 2001; Ph.D. U. Washington, 2009). Assistant Professor at Oregon State University.

Julie Maertens (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. Colorado State, 2011). Research and Evaluation Program Mananger, Colorado State University.

Mark Huff (M.S. 2009; Ph.D. University of Calgary, 2013). Post Doc at Washington University in St. Louis.

Kristina Rand (M.S. 2009; Ph.D. University of Utah, 2014).

Aaron Richmond (M.S. 2002; Ph.D. U. of Nevada, 2006). Associate Professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Zack Shipstead (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. Georgia Tech, 2011). Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, West Campus.

Christy Weeden (M.S. 2007; Ph.D. University of Utah, 2013). Post-doc at National Institute of Health..


Katie Garrison (M.S. 2015) Ph.D. candidate, Texas A&M University

Mariana Olsen (M.S. 2014) Ph.D. candidate, Arizona State University

Suzanna Powell (M.S. 2014) Ph.D. candidate, Washington University in St. Louis.

Jaime McNabb (M.S. 2013) Ph.D. candidate. Arizona State University Polytechnic

Chad Moffitt (M.S. 2013). Ph.D. candidate, University of Utah.

Meg Huntoon (M.S. 2013). Ph.D. candidate, University of Northern Illinios.

Andrew Rivers (M.S. 2013). Ph.D. candidate, U.C. Davis.

Lauren Hawthorne (M.S. 2011). Ph.D. candidate, University of Maine

Katya Numbers (M.S. 2011). Ph.D. candidate. Maquarie University

Nic Williams (M.S. 2011). Ph.D. candidate. Maquarie University

Bridget Clement (M.S. 2010). Ph.D. candidate, Victoria University, Wellington NZ.

Sara Davis (M.S. 2010). Ph.D. candidate.Iowa State University

Courtney Chapman (M.S. 2009). MD student. Eastern Virginia Medical School

Barbara Cooper (M.S. 2008). Ph.D. candidate, Gallaudet University