Rocky Mountain Anthropological Conference

Conference Program

Program Overview

Thursday, September 18, 1997

Friday, September 19, 1997

Saturday, September 20, 1997

Sunday, September 21, 1997

Schedule of Presentations

Please note that the program includes two forums. The forum format is designed for active and extensive participation by both a series of presenters and members of the audience! We urge members of the audience to participate with questions and discussion at appropriate times.

All sessions will take place in the Gallatin and Jefferson rooms at the Holiday Inn.

Abstracts of the individual presentations are available for you to read.


FORUM 1: Express Pipeline Project: Preliminary Findings in the United States and Canada. Organized by Michael T. Bies (Gallatin Room)

This forum will run from 8:20 a.m. to 12 noon. The following individuals will give a 10­minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Additional discussion will follow the final presentation. Audience participation in the forum discussion is strongly encouraged.

8:20 Michael T. Bies; Express Pipeline Project: An Overview of the U.S. Portion

8:40 J. Rod Vickers; Cultural Resource Management in Alberta, Canada

9:00 Craig Smith; Cylindrical Basins and the Exploitation of Roots During the Late Prehistoric Period, Northern and Central Wyoming

9:20 Wendy J. Unfreed; Bison Processing Practices in Southeastern Alberta: A Comparison of Middle Precontact Sites DlOq 17 and FbOt 20

9:40 BREAK

10:00 Alison Landals; Preliminary Findings of Stone Feature Sites Located in the Canadian Portion of the Express Pipeline Project

10:20 Lynelle A. Peterson; Preliminary Findings of Investigations Conducted on Stone Feature Sites Located Within 20 Counties of Montana

10:40 William Martin; The Use of Late Prehistoric Pottery in the Western Powder River Basin of Wyoming: A View from Site 48NA1425

11:00 William Martin & Lynelle A. Peterson; Preliminary Findings at Four Middle Archaic Pit House Sites on the Express Pipeline Route

11:20 Questions and Discussion

FORUM 2: The Interface Between Archaeology and Education. Organized by Jeanne M. Moe (Jefferson Room)

This forum will run from 8:20 to 12:00 noon. The following individuals will each give a 15­minute presentation. Audience participation in the subsequent forum discussion is strongly encouraged.

8:20 Jeanne Moe; Introduction: The Interface Between Archaeology and Education

8:35 Marcella Sherfy; Heritage Learning/Ancient Teachings Projects

8:50 Julie Cajune; Archaeology as a Venue for Teaching

9:05 BREAK

9:15 Ranel Stephenson Capron; Wyoming Project Archaeology

9:30 Rebecca Timmons; Montana's Heritage: Bringing Archaeology Into the Classroom

9:45 Michael Beckes: Passport In Time

10:00 BREAK

10:10 Formal questions from Jeanne Moe to the above presenters

11:00 Questions from the audience and discussion.

12:00 to 1:20 p.m.: LUNCH

GENERAL SESSION 1: PaleoStudies (Gallatin Room)

1:20 Leslie B. Davis & Christopher L. Hill; Northern Rockies Paleoindian Lifeways and Historic Placer Mining: Golden Research Opportunities

1:40 Linda Scott Cummings; Paleoenvironmental Records From the Early to Mid­Holocene

2:00 Paul H. Sanders, Robert U. Bryson, & Reid A. Bryson; Modeled Holocene Climatic History and Archaeological Occupation of the Lamar Valley, Northeastern Yellowstone National Park

2:20 Mona Charles; The Trouble With Mountains: A Geoarchaeological Perspective

2:40 BREAK

3:00 William Eckerle; Geoarchaeology of Alluvial Fan and Footslope Depositional Systems in the Northern and Middle Rocky Mountains

3:20 Susanne J. Miller & Robert M. Yohe II; Taphonomic Studies at the Tolo Lake Mammoth Site, Idaho: Preliminary Observations

GENERAL SESSION 2: Historical Archaeology (Jefferson Room)

1:20 Crystal Bauer; A Case Study of Interdisciplinary Research: Fort Ellis, Montana

1:40 Danny N. Walker, Steven De Vore, Lewis Somers, & James Walker; Archaeological Applications of Geophysical Remote Sensing to Historical Archaeology: A Summary of Work From Fort Laramie National Historical Site

2:00 Kenneth W. Karsmizki & Annalies Corbin; Fort Remon: Magnetic Survey and Archaeological Testing

2:20 Annalies Corbin; Steamboat Wrecks in Montana: Phase II Strategy and Results

GENERAL SESSION 3: Archaeological Site Studies (Jefferson Room)

3:00 Brooke S. Arkush, Kathleen Heath, Susanne J. Miller, & Robert M. Yohe II; Recent Archaeological Investigations at Weston Canyon Rockshelter, Southeastern Idaho

3:20 Jean Matthews Kindig; Devil's Thumb Trail Site

3:40 Alison Landals; A Re­evaluation of the Lake Minnewanka Site, Banff National Park

4:00 Wendy Sutton; The Blooded Fields of Big Lie: An Interpretation of Activities at a Small­Scale Camp/Kill Site in the Big Horn Mountains


GENERAL SESSION 4: Alpine Archaeology (Gallatin Room)

8:00 James R. Schoen; High Altitude Site Locations in the Bridger, Gros Ventre and Teton Wilderness

8:20 Linda Clark; High Altitude Game Trap Sites in Central Idaho

8:40 Ben Munger; Comparison of the Archeology in Three Mountain Ranges in Western Montana

9:00 Byron Loosle; Boundaries, Border and High Mountains

GENERAL SESSION 5: Lithic Studies (Gallatin Room)

9:40 Carrick M. Eggleston & Marcel Kornfeld; Use­Wear Studies of Stone Tools: Adapting a New AFM Technology

10:00 Wilfred M. Husted; A Later Nesikep Tradition Phase in Western Montana?

10:20 Mary Lou Larson; Hearth Centered Chipped Stone Technological Organization at the Bugas­Holding Site, Wyoming

10:40 Cindy Eccles; What are Shoshone Knives: An Issue of Style and Function

11:00 Orin Shanks & Marcel Kornfeld; Immunological Identification of Ancient Proteins: Blood Residue Analysis of Bugas­Holding Tools

11:20 Alan Bartholomew; The Wardell Site Projectile Points: Are They Avonlea?

11:40 Jennifer Galindo & Kenneth P. Cannon; Groundstone Artifacts: Archaeology, Ethnography and Residue Analyses

SYMPOSIUM 1: Wyoming Basin Archaeology: Current Directions. Organized by Kevin W. Thompson & Matthew Kautzman (Jefferson Room)

9:00 Kevin W. Thompson, Jana V. Pastor, William Eckerle, and Eric E. Ingbar; Riverine Adaptation in Southwest Wyoming

9:20 David T. Vlcek; McKean or Not McKean. . . Is That the Question? A Reevaluation of Fourth to Fifth Millennia Prehistoric Occupation in the Upper Green River Basin

9:40 Russel L. Tanner & Jana V. Pastor; The Lay of the Land: Looking at Landscape as a Way of Studying Past Human Occupation of the Green River Basin

10:00 BREAK

10:20 Charles M. Love; The Delaney Rim Chert Sources

10:40 A. Dudley Gardner; Chinese Courtyards and Structural Configuration in Southwestern Wyoming

11:00 Questions and Discussion

12:00 to 1:20: LUNCH

SYMPOSIUM 2: Home to the Human Species: Human/Environmental Interactions in the Mountain Eco-Systems of the Northern Rockies. Organized by Kurtis S. Lesick (Gallatin Room)

1:20 Martin Magne; Archaeology and Rocky Mountain Ecosystem Management: Theory and Practice

1:40 Brian C. Vivian & Mack Shortt; Surveying the High Country of Banff and Glacier (MT) National Parks

2:00 Rod J. Heitzmann; Identifying Human Ignited Fires in the Central Canadian Rockies Over the Last Millennium

2:20 BREAK

2:40 Evelyn Siegfried; A Review of Holocene Palynology and Vegetation in Southwestern Alberta

3:00 Dennis Sandgathe & Peter D. Francis; Lithic Resources and Technological Choices in the Upper Red Deer River Region, Alberta

3:20 Kurtis S. Lesick; Archaeological Settings as Ecological Productions: Trajectories for Discussion

3:40 Questions and Discussion

GENERAL SESSION 6: Contemporary Peoples, Theoretical Approaches, Rock Art, and Other Issues (Jefferson Room)

1:20 Ted Hoefer III & Marilyn A. Martorano; Who Should Interpret the Past: Archaeology and Local Communities

1:40 Michael S. Burney; Tribal Historic Preservation Offices: An Added Dimension to American Archaeology

2:00 Rebecca S. Timmons; The Role of Fire in Northern Rocky Ecosystems: Effects on Heritage Resources

2:20 Marcel Kornfeld; Feminist Archeology, Black's Fork Culture, and Rocky Mountain Prehistory

2:40 BREAK

3:00 Christopher T. Hall; The Analytical Problem of "Scale" in Hunter­Gatherer Studies

3:20 Mavis Greer & John Greer; Shaman Portrayals in Montana Rock Art

3:40 Clay Johnson; Interactive Rock Art as a Resource for Archaeological Interpretation

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