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Tom Berninger is a 2002 graduate of Montana State University's School of Film and Photography (then known as the Department of Media and Theatre Arts). His acclaimed documentary, Mistaken for Strangers, which documented the alternative rock band The National, opened the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. The film was recently released on iTunes and other web outlets. Will Ferrell's online comedy site Funny or Die  features a parody of Tom's film featuring Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson. Congratulations Tom!!

Gianna Savoie has been selected as a Woods Hole 2014 Ocean Science Journalism Fellow. Congratulations Gianna!

SFP students Ethan Confer, Cynthia Matty Huber, and Deia Schlosberg are featured in the summer 2014 issue of Mountain Outlaw (pages 15, 32, 34, & 71).

Congratulations to Roshan Patel! Roshan's film, "Pride" is a finalist in the newcomer award at the Wildscreen Festival (the "Oscar" of science and natural history filmmaking).

Sasha Joseph Neulinger's film, "Rewind to Fast-Forward" is covered in the Bozeman Chronicle and KBZK.

Senior Randa Adams featured in KBZK.

Studio 304 ONE ACTS in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle!

Stephanie Campbell's Mask Workshops covered in the MSU Exponent!

Notice to Cohort 13:

Hi Cohort 13,

Some questions have come up regarding the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in September. One of the most important festivals in natural history filmmaking, the Science and Natural History Filmmaking (SNHF) encourages and supports our students attending as volunteers. To allow this participation, students are usually excused from their classes with the permission of the instructors.  This support does not, however, extend to the first-year cohort. Our experience has been that these students  need  further familiarity with the field to gain the most  from  the festival. In order to provide the first year students with a different but unique experience, they are the only cohort that will shoot in Yellowstone Park this winter as part of FILM 515.  While these limitations may initially be disappointing, we have found that this arrangement works best considering the workload of the first year and also allows our students to make a greater impact when they do attend Jackson.

The current graduate students and the faculty look forward to meeting you all at the orientation on August 23 and 24 and welcoming you to the MSU SNHF community.

Very best wishes,


Vanessa Naive is profiled in the Daily Inter Lake about her work with the Empowerment Through Performance and the Share Your Voice Foundation.

Dennis Aig is the Interim Director of the School of Film and Photography and Theo Lipfert is the Program Head of the MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking.

Call for Proposals for the symposium. The College of Art and Architecture at Montana State University is sponsoring a one-day symposium entitled “A Critical Rediscovery of the Northern Rockies” on October 12, 2013 .

Jonathan Long and class in the Bozeman Chronicle and Great Falls Tribune.

TERRA Newsletter 2/13 from the MFA Program.

Ian van Coller's just released hand bound artist book, Mali Monuments is a series of 32 photographs from Mali, West Africa focusing on "monumental forms."

Alexis Pike and her photography class at the 2012 Community Portrait Day.

Gianna Savoie named by Brody and Cole as one of "5 Inspirational Women You Should Meet" . Congratulations Gianna!!

TRUST Alaska nominated for a Panda Award at Wildscreen 2012!!
Co-Produced by: Our Children's Trust, WITNESS, Kids vs. Global Warming; Co-Directed by: Christi Cooper-Kuhn, Kelly Matheson, & Katie Lose-Gilbertso;n Camera: Christi Cooper-Kuhn & Kelly Matheson; Edited by: Katie Lose-Gilbertson & Christi Cooper-Kuhn.

School of Film and Photography students, faculty, and alumni produced a commercial for Montana State University.

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