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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an AED for my building?

MSU currently has approximately 51 AED's located throughout campus. Because there are continuing on-going maintenance and replacement costs with each AED we are now at a point where we need to look at each request individually. A few of the things we consider when placing an AED are, building population, high risk activities, athletic activities, or near energized electrical circuits, more than a 3 minute response time for an AED to arrive from Police or EMS. Please contact us at 994-7597 if you would like to make a request.

Is a First Aid Kit Required in my workplace?

Normally the answer for on-campus facilities is no a First Aid is not required by OSHA or the Montana Department of Labor for on campus facilities. However common sense and the Office of Safety and Risk Management see First Aid kits as something considered highly desirable and highly recommended. The MSU Office of Safety and Risk Management has compiled an information booklet containing information to consider when purchasing a First Aid Kit and it is available free of charge by contacting SRM at 994-7597.

Will Safety and Risk Management purchase a First Aid Kit for my workplace?

Normally the purchase of a First Aid Kit falls to the building occupant. However we will consider requests on a case by case basis. Contact SRM at 994-7597

Can a First Aid Kit be checked out from SRM?

Yes. SRM has quality First Aid Kits that can be checked out to individuals or groups free of charge for time periods up to one month. Contact SRM at 994-7597 or 994-7760.

I used to be able to print the workers' compensation first report of injury but did not get an opportunity to this time.

The first reports of injury are now completed in two sections. The option to print is not available until the second section (the supervisor section) is completed. If you are completing both sections of the report, put your own email in as supervisor in the first section so the second half of the report will be emailed to you. You can then complete the second half of the report and print it for signatures. You will have an opportunity to input the actual supervisor email in the second half of the report.

I put my email in as supervisor in the first half of the workers' compensation first report of injury, but the second half was not emailed to me for completion.

Check to see if the email was sent to your Junk email folder.

I went to see my personal physician after injuring myself at work. Later, my work comp claim administrator redirected my care to another physician, can she do this?

Yes, Montana statute allows Intermountain Claims to redirect care as necessary to keep claim costs down. Injured workers may see the care provider of their choice for the first visit only. If subsequent visits to your personal physician are not preauthorized, Intermountain Claims may decline to pay the charges.

A visitor or guest was injured while a visiting the MSU campus. Do I have to notify anyone?

If it is likely to be alleged that the injury was due to MSU's negligence, the MSU employee with the most direct knowledge of the incident should complete an Incident Report within five days in order to put the state Risk Management & Tort Defense Division on notice should the injured party file an insurance claim.

I was in an accident while driving an MSU-rented vehicle - do I need to file a report?

Whether owned, rented, leased or borrowed, vehicles are covered by liability insurance through the state's self-insurance program. The MSU driver must complete an Incident Report within five days of the accident.