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Safety and Risk Management

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Tel: (406) 994-2711
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Physical Address:
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Chris Catlett, Director

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Common forms and their descriptions related to Safety and Risk Management are found here. Please click on the form name next to the description to access the form of interest.

E-Scrap Pick-up
This form should be used to request a pick-up of electronic waste. This typically includes TVs, Monitors, Laptops, Plasmas, LCDs, Printers, Faxes, Cell Phones, Key Boards, Mice, Stereo Equipment, Network Equipment, servers, Telecom Equipment, DVD Players, Copy Machines, All Business/Office Electronics, Batteries, Microwaves, Projectors, etc.

Waste Pick-up
This form should be used to request a pick-up of Radioactive, Chemical, Biohazard, Sharps Container, and Battery waste. Please also use this form to request replacement containers for Chemical waste and Biohazard/Sharps Containers.

Certificate of Insurance Requests
This form should be used to to request a Certificate of Request for Events, Activities, and Property on the MSU campus.

First Report of Injury
This form should be used to make the initial report of a Workers' Compensation claim for employees injured on the job.

Report of Incident
This form should be used to report an incident regarding MSU property, or personal injury of Non-MSU employees.

Foreign Travel Reporting Form
This form should be used to report, prior to departure, foreign travel for work and/or research purposes for MSU Faculty and Staff.

32 Hour Time Tracking Form
This form should be used to track the first 32 hours of time away from work due to an injury or illness and time going forward while still covered under Worker's Compensation performing no or light duty work.

MSU Compliance Hotline
Confidentially report any issues pertaining to financial, athletics, discrimination, harassment, health/safety, human resources, IT, or Research.