Montana State University

Traveling with the MSU Alumni Association

Continue your education and make the world your classroom.  When traveling with the Montana State Alumni Association, you enjoy all of the benefits that only being a part of the MSU community can provide: thoughtful insight through lectures, field study and informal discussions; access to museums and other landmarks and the company of fellow Montana State alumni and friends.

We have been working with travel companies for the past 12 years and have developed a program that you can count on.  We carefully select travel operators who offer the best quality, variety and value.  While traveling, our tour partners take care of all the details, allowing you to relax and enjoy the trip.  Experienced tour guides help create a fun and memorable experience while sharing their knowledge of the culture and environments.  You have the opportunity to access people, places and events that are closed to the public.

One of the fun aspects of traveling with MSU alumni is that you are with people who you immediately have something in common – your alma mater. You sort of look out for each other because of your ties to Montana .  Many times, your travel partners become friends for life.

When you travel with the Alumni Association, you will receive special attention.  Your pre trip arrangements are made for you, your baggage will be handled, you will stay in first-class accommodations, dine in the finest restaurants and visit locations that have been previewed and determined to be “must see’s”.  You get more than your money’s worth, due to the quality of the trip.

There are a lot of ways to find travel deals these days.  You can count on your Alumni Association to provide great quality and a terrific experience.  Give it some thought and then, give us a call.  Start packing your bags and come along!

For more information about traveling with the Alumni Association, please contact us at 1-800-842-9028 or email Michelle Laxson at