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Across MSU, naming opportunities provide a unique way to recognize and honor the generosity of those who contribute at higher levels and who wish to create a lasting legacy at MSU.

In addition to unique naming opportunities within MSU's colleges and departments, the following list represents the most common and most prevalent types of university-wide naming opportunities, along with the recommended minimum funding amounts for each.

Named Endowed Gift Opportunities

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$2 million

Dean’s Chair

A minimum gift of $2 million establishes a Deanís Chair in many academic areas. This endowment supplements and supports salary, graduate assistants and staff, course development, equipment and scholarly travel.

$1.5 mil

Faculty Chair/Institute Chair

This investment in MSU requires a minimum of $1.5 million to supplement and support salary, graduate assistants and staff, course development, equipment and scholarly travel.

$1 million


A minimum of $1 million creates a professorship in most academic areas, rewarding a professorís past academic achievement and enabling the pursuit of new research and innovative teaching methods. Income from the endowment provides funds for graduate assistant stipends, support staff and travel expenses.

Visiting Professorship

A minimum of $1 million creates a visiting professorship in most academic areas, allowing the appointment of a business, academic or scientific industry leader to a full-time faculty position for one academic year. Income from the endowment supports the holderís salary and scholarly activities.


Senior Faculty Fellowship

A minimum gift of $500,000 creates this fellowship, giving tenured faculty members time away from the classroom to focus on major research initiatives, significant new investigations or the completion of scholarly work on completed research.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Established with a gift of $500,000, this supports the salary of one post-doctoral researcher undertaking highly specialized research.


Junior Faculty Fellowship

Supporting promising, untenured faculty members, this fellowship provides funds for non-teaching time, equipment and travel to complete research or writing projects that will enhance teaching experience. A minimum gift of $250,000 is required.


Graduate Research or Teaching Assistantship

A gift of $200,000 or more creates a graduate student assistantship endowment to support the stipend the student receives for teaching and research duties. A graduate assistantship may be designated to a specific college, department or program.



A gift of $150,000 or more establishes an endowment to bring distinguished speakers to MSU as part of a speaker series or special lecture, giving students and faculty the opportunity to interact with the leaders and professionals in a variety of fields.


Athletic Scholarship

This renewable scholarship supports tuition, room, and board for a student athlete for one year and is established with a $100,000 gift.

Graduate Fellowship

A gift of $100,000 or more creates an endowed graduate student fellowship that may be designated to a specific college, department or program. Income from the endowment supports graduate student fellowships and is critical to MSUís ability to attract quality graduate students.


Undergraduate Research Endowment

A minimum gift of $50,000 supports one student in the advancement of knowledge through research, allows the student to concentrate on conducting significant new investigations, or complete a major research paper or project.


Undergraduate Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate students, this scholarship is established with a minimum of $25,000.

Dean’s Fund for Excellence

The Deanís Fund for Excellence Endowment provides unrestricted discretionary-use funds to a college dean to support of the most pressing needs of the college. It may be funded with a minimum gift of $25,000.

Campus Preservation Fund

Established with a minimum of $25,000, this endowment preserves and beautifies MSUís facilities and campus through gardens, parks, art and sculpture, and special plantings.

General Support Endowment

Providing flexibility and direct financial resources to the greatest needs of MSU, a college, department, or program, this endowment is established with a gift of $25,000.

General Collections Endowment

A gift of $25,000 or more establishes a general collections or general support endowment providing access to knowledge by supporting library collections or programs. Donors may designate the support to a specific academic area. Each publication acquired through a Libraries endowment includes a commemorative bookplate.

Additional Opportunities

Program, Research, Facilities, Equipment Support Endowment

Essential to supporting and enhancing MSUís excellence, these endowments meet the urgent needs of MSU, a college, department or program or support research, faculty and student awards. The initial gift for such an endowment depends on the nature of the program to be supported and is determined consultatively.

Special Collections Endowment

This type of endowment supports the underlying expenses of acquiring, cataloging, maintaining and safeguarding materials that are specific to a curriculum, activity, event or historical event. The minimum gift to name a special collections endowment depends on the nature of the special collection and is determined consultatively.