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CLEP - College Level Examination Program

Montana State University awards credit toward graduation for successful performance in certain Subject Examinations of the College Level Examination Program conducted by the College Entrance Examination Board. Students may arrange to take these examinations on campus or at designated centers throughout the country. Passing grades are determined by national norms, or by local norms if they are available. Students receive credit and a P grade on their transcript for scores above the passing level; scores below the passing level are not entered on the transcript. CLEP examinations do not apply as a grade waiver for a course previously taken.

Courses that students can receive credit for through the CLEP program are listed in the MSU Catalog at the following link:

For more information about the CLEP program, please contact the MSU Testing Center at 994-6984, or email  You can also find additional valuable information at the Testing Center web site: