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Thomas J. McCoy, PhD

Vice President for Research

Spring 2012 Scholarship & Creativity Grant Recipients

Applicant Department Title of Project
Byker, Carmen
Health & Human Development
A Critique of Dietary Guideline Using a Sustainable Food Systems Lens: Generating a Practical Guide for Dietary, Guidelines
Conger, Jeffrey Art Kings of the Gasser Era
Eckert, Lisa English
Rural Teaching and Learning: Realities in Policy, Pedagogy, and Professional Development
Flory, Daniel History & Philosophy
Race, Philosophy, and Film
Intemann, Kristen History & Philosophy
Commercialization of Biomedical Science and The Limits of Impartiality
Johnson, Ralph Architecture
Building from the Best of the Northern Rockies: Evaluating Success and Planning for a Sustainable Future
Kevane, Bridget Modern Languages & Literature
The Anxiety of Social Identities: Jewish Latino Voices in the 21st Century
Lachapelle, Paul Political Science
The Crow Men's Health Project: Using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Community Asset-Building to Address Health Disparities on the Crow Indian Reservation, Montana
Mast, Sara Art
Progeny:  Mapping Love
Neeley, Michael Sociology & Anthropology
The Beaucoup Field School: Archaeological Investigations in Northern Montana
Petrone, Robert English
Shreddin It Up: Re-thinking Adolenscence By Examining Literacy and Learning within Youth Cultures
Ruppel, Kristin Native American Studies
SAR Seminar--High Jinx: Federal Indian Affairs in an Era of Self-Determination
Schmalzbauer, Leah Sociology & Anthropology
The Last Best Place?:  Gender, Family, and Migration in the New West
Stillwell, Cynthia School of File and Photography
River Animations I, II & III

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