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Sandy Sward

Grantsmanship Videos

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These videos explain the components of and writing a successful grant application, peer review, and managing your grant.

Grantsmanship Workshop videos from NIH National Institute of Nursing Research
Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: The ABCs of NIH Funding: Mission, Mechanisms and Science
Module 3: Writing a Successful Grant Application
Module 4: An Introduction to Grants Management
Module 5: Introduction to Enhanced Peer Review
Module 6: Responding to Enhanced Peer Review
Module 7: The Notice of Award and Managing Your Grant

How does NIH review proposals? Watch this 30-minute video of an actual review panel.

NIH Tips for Applicants: Reviewers and staff at the National Institutes of Health offer their insights to scientists seeking to improve their chances of getting a grant from the National Institutes of Health.

NIH Peer Review Revealed provides a front-row seat to a NIH peer review meeting. Real scientists from the scientific community review fictional but realistic grant applications for scientific merit.

Our "What Happens to Your Grant Application" video gives new applicants for NIH grants access to one of our popular outreach presentations. It describes how the NIH Center for Scientific Review handles applications submitted to NIH. The video then describes how our panels of outside experts review applications so NIH can find and fund the ones with the most promise. Packed with many key details, this video complements our other YouTube videos: "NIH Peer Review Revealed" and "NIH Tips for Applicants." In these videos, NIH reviewers and staff offer their insights to researchers seeking to improve their chances of getting a grant from NIH.

NIH All About Grants podcasts

Understanding Federal Grant Application Guidelines

WHY Are You Seeking a Grant?

What Is Peer Review? 

Letters of Commitment