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Faculty Profile

Dr. Brent Peyton, Center for Biofilm Engineering

CBE faculty member, Brent Peyton, professor, chemical and biological engineering, was among the winners of the top Montana State University 2014 faculty awards announced this week. The annual awards honor achievement in faculty research, teaching, outreach, and creative projects. This year's awards were presented at the 4th annual MSU Spring Convocation, Tuesday, January 7th on the MSU campus.

Peyton received the Vice President for Research's Meritorious Technology/Science Award. It carries a $2,500 honorarium and recognizes MSU faculty members who have made at least one significant technological or scientific contribution that could be transferred or already has been transferred to the private sector.

Peyton researches chemical and biological processes that cover a range of fields with significant potential impacts on industrial and environment processes. One of them transforms selenium into an insoluble form, improving mining operations in British Columbia and significantly reducing downstream pollution. Another uses baking soda to enhance biodiesel production from algae. The technology for that is currently being licensed to a company that has committed more than $300,000 in the last two years to advance the technology for a variety of commercial uses. A third technology, this one applied by the Center for Biofilm Engineering, involves a bacteria that thrives in high salt environments.

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The Technology Transfer Office at MSU pursues three primary goals:

  • Establishing collaborations and working relationships between industry and each of the research and creative areas of MSU. This includes providing unique testing and evaluation services, pursuing industry sponsored research and collaborating on commercial opportunities.
  • Licensing the inventions of MSU faculty and researchers to industry and managing the relationship between the University and it's licensee partners.
  • Serving as the economic development arm of the University and working with Montana companies and entrepreneurs to leverage the resources of MSU to the benefit of Montana's economy

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