Watercourse Module Series Publications


    Developed with Environmental Concern Inc., 1995, 330 pages. This comprehensive guide is for anyone teaching about wetlands; it features 70 pages of background material in six chapters followed by more than 40 cross-referenced activities. Select a wetlands artifact from a grab bag and learn the many functions of wetlands. Create a persimmon pudding and appreciate the incredible food sources of a wetland environment. Use crayons to design a wetlands soil chart. Developed for educators of K-12 students (and beyond!), activities are organized into five sections covering wetlands definitions, wetlands plants and animals, water quality and supply issues, soils, and wetlands and people. For more information about WOW and to sample a WOW activity click here. Cost $17.00 


    Sponsored by the Bureau of Reclamation, 2000, 307 pages. Developed for middle and high school educators, this module provides background material, case studies, and activities on the topic of water conservation. Case studies are based on water conservation scenarios ranging from a rancher in west Texas to an ice cream factory in Massachusetts, and from water's role on the space shuttle to the survival of a sailor adrift in the Atlantic. These real-life examples encourage students to use decision-making skills to work through issues related to water use and conservation. Sidebar material, illustrations, photographs, charts, and a selection of activities complement the background chapters and case studies. Cost $18.95 

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