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Women's Center Students of Achievement

Each Spring during Women's History Month, the Women's Center and the MSU Alumni Foundation honor the "Student of Achievement" Awardees.  These students have worked hard to promote diversity and equality, have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities, excelled in their school work, and served as strong roles models for their peers.



Students of Achievement, 2013


•  Hannah Arm, Mechanical Engineering

•  Chelsea Guenette , Mechanical Engineering

•  Emmy Harvey, Economics

•  Sabre Moore, History with minors in Museum Studies, Native American Studies, and English Literature

•  Molly Oakley, Nutrition Sciences, Cell Biology Neuroscience

•  Bronwyn Rolph, Civil Engineering, French and Francophone Studies

•  Tia Marie Rooney, Political Science with minor in English Literature, Leadership Fellow

•  Else Trygstad-Burke, History with a minor in Art History

•  Hannah Wahlert , Political Science, Political Institutions

•  Katelyn Weber , Mathematical Science

•  Lisa Woerlein, Civil Engineering with minors in Spanish and Honors

•  Esther Yoon, Cell Biology, Neuroscience with minor in Leadership Fellow, University Honors

•  Michael “Brent” Zundel , Bio-Resources Option of Civil Engineering and Hispanic Studies with minors in Latin American and Latino Studies and International Engineering Certificate



Students of Achievement, 2012

     •  Conrad Burbank , Psychology

     •  Katie Bussey , Kinsiology

     •  Jamie Diehl , Family and Consumer Sciences- Teaching with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies

     •  Alicia Exley , Sociology with a Criminology Concentration and minors in Women's and Gender Studies and English Literature

     •  Hannah Jensen , History-Science, the Environment, Technology, and Society (SETS) Option

     •  Alyssa Kreikemeier , History (Religious Studies), Modern languages (Hispanic Studies) with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, and Latin American Studies

     •  Jenny Lawson , Psychology and English Literature with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies

     •  Heather Lee , French

     •  LaDawn Kay Medicine Bull , Community Health

     •  Shelby Rogala, History and Philosophy       

     •  Stephani Schielke, Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics

     •  Virginia Cathleen Schmidt, Sociology with a minor in Political Science

     •  Elizabeth (Lizzie) Joo Hee Sinclair, Sociology with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies

     •  ReBecca Sorenson, Cell Biology and Neuroscience with a minor in Biochemistry

     •  Chelsie Wharton, Mechanical Engineering

     •  Elizabeth Wilmerding, Photography with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies       


Students of Achievement, 2011


       •  Sara Albertson , Family and Consumer Science       

       •  Cheska Dietsch , History with minors in Spanish and Honors       

       •  Loribeth Evertz , Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Math       

       •  Hilary Fabich , Chemical Engineering     

       •  Danielle Hethcox , Mathematics with a minor in Statistics          

       •  Angela Howe , Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

       •  Meghan Huntoon , Psychology with minors in Women's and Gender Studies and Health and Human Development

       •  Emily Linker , Community Health       

       •  Chandra Macauley , Chemical Engineering       

       •  Laura Moran , Chemical Engineering       

       •  Mina Nejadamin , Bio Engineering Dual Degree       

       •  Thomas Wells , English Literature with a minor in Religious Studies       

       •  Samantha Williams , English Literature with a minor in French language     

       •  Adrianna Willoughby , Family and Consumer Science, Non-Teaching


Students of Achievement, 2010


     • Danielle Barth, Family and Consumer Science with a minor in Psychology

     • Sasha Kim Dingle, Psychological Science and Honors

     • Kelsey Edinger, Exercise Science

     • Martha Garcia, Nursing

     • Allison Jones, K-12 Health Enhancement and Elementary Education with a minor                coaching

     • Joshua D. Hemsath, Community Health

     • Katy Hansen, Industrial and management Engineering with a minor in Economics

     • Megan Malone, Anthropology and Sociology

     • Wendy Nickish, Organismal Biology

     • Courtney Reichhardt, Chemistry-Professional Option with a minor in Sociology

     • Dustin Stolts, Sociology

     • Teresa Snyder, Economics with minor in Political Science

     • Jenna Thiel, Global and Multi-Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Latin America and         Spanish with a minor in Latino Studies

     • Jessa Thiel, Global and Multi-Cultural Studies with a minor in Women's Studies

     • Jamie Thornton, Mathematics


Students of Achievement, 2009


     • Katherine Baldwin, History with a Science, Environment, Technology and Society        Concentration; Modern Languages-German; and Honors

     • Kelsi Canavan, Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace

     • Ivie English, Psychological Science and Spanish Language, with minors in Political         Science and Latin American Studies

     • Patrick Fradette, Biology (Organismal Option)

     • Allyn Harris, Mechanical Engineering

     • Joshua Jane, History (SETS Option) with a minor in Philosophy

     • Chelsea Mckenna, Graphic Design with a Minor in Honors

     • Jessica Potter, Cilil Engineering-Bio Resource Option, and Spanish

     • Tashina Emorie Tibbitts, Mechanical Engineering Technology with a minor in Native        American Studies

     • Heidi Tynes, Computer Science

     • Kirsten Valentine, Civil Engineering, Bio-Resource Option

     • Jessica Whittman, Chemistry, Professional with a minor in Music


Students of Achievement, 2008


    • Elisabeth Driscoll, Mechanical Engineering and minor in German

    • Sarah Eby, Health and Human Development: Pre-Physical Therapy and a minor in          Psychology: Psychological Science

     • Erin Goodman, Business Marketing

     • Nuria Hernandez, Business Management

     • Fawn Kirkpatrick, Political Science

     • Tegan Molloy, Motion picture/Theater/Video; Film, Spanish and International               Business

     • Fraiser Danforth Opel, Accounting and Honors

     • Amy Plummer, Agricultural Education and minor in Elementary Education

     • Katherine Proietti, Media and Theater Arts and a minor in Spanish

     • Stephanie Simmons, Accounting

     • Kate Steffanish, Health Promotion

     • Karoline Teien, Business Management and International Business



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