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Our mission is to work in the public's interest to develop the basic science and technology relevant to geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels and other point sources.

In order to understand all possible fates of injected CO2, we are performing laboratory experiments to understand CO2 physical and chemical interaction with geologic formation mineral and fluids. We are utilizing, refining, and validating software tools that can both model geophysical and geochemical processes at the molecular level and determine transport phenomena effects up to the reservoir level. We are developing monitoring and verification techniques to determine the behavior of the underground CO2, and underground storage capacity for different geologic formations. Mitigation strategies and techniques are being developed for all potential seepage pathways. We are performing risk assessments needed to ensure public safety and health and to provide sound scientific and technological input to the decision making process. Finally, we will participate in public education about energy choices, green house gas mitigation, and sequestration.