This course will provide students with the foundational concepts of group counseling as it relates to the addiction settings. Topics will include group development theory, membership roles, establishing an alliance, skills of group, multicultural issues, leadership styles and skills.

AC 506 is offered during the 2nd session (October 12th - November 25th) in the Fall 2020 semester.

  • Ability to identify phases of group development
  • Ability to identify similarities and differences between various approaches to group counseling
  • Knowledge of group membership roles
  • Knowledge and skills to form an alliance between leader and members and to facilitate alliance between members
  • Knowledge and skills to identify and work with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes in a group setting with an addicted population
  • Knowledge of the process that goes into developing a group experience
  • Sensitivity to cultural experiences in a group setting
  • Ability to apply general principles to specific group methods and group populations
  • Knowledge of group leadership styles including experience of leading a group 

This course will be delivered in 4 modules over a course of eight weeks. The online format will include uploaded interactive newsletters at the beginning of each module. The structure of the course will require you to actively engage in course content, answer weekly discussion questions much like you would be expected to during an on-site class, submit mini assignments, and complete module quizzes. 

This course is taught online. Course participants login and participate at a time of day that is convenient for them. It is recommended that participants login at least 4 to 5 times per week and plan on spending 16 to 18 hours per week (combination online and offline) for 7.5 weeks to successfully complete this 3-credit course.  If you are unfamiliar with this field of study and/or method of delivery, you may require more time.
Restricted to Montana State University students in the Addiction Counseling Certificate  and Health Sciences Programs. If you are a Non-Degree seeking graduate student wishing to enroll in this class, please contact Dr. Katey Franklin.

Groups: A Counseling Specialty (8th ed.)

Author(s): Samuel Gladding 

Pearson Education, Inc. (2020) 


This book can be purchased online at or for approximately $100


Recommended Reading: 

Journal for specialists in Group Work 

Journal of Counseling and Development 

Both journals can be viewed through the MSU library online journals