Program Prerequisites:

This program is open to students with a bachelor's degree in any field with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better. However, we highly encourage motivated students with a GPA less than 3.0 to contact us to discuss the application process.

Application Directions:

Fill out an MSU online graduate school application and pay the $60 fee.


You will be asked to provide:

1. The names and email addresses of two (2) recommenders who will provide professional letters of recommendation, speaking to:

  1. your ability to perform in a graduate program
  2. your experience in relevant fields
  3. or your ability to work in a helping profession

Please Note: It is helpful but not required for letters of recommendation to be on letterhead. However, if letters will not be written on letterhead please include contact information. Any questions about letters of recommendation should be directed to Janet Gamble.

2. A three-page (3-page) essay addressing:

  • Your motivation for entering the field of addictions counseling
  • Your commitment to finishing the graduate program
  • Your professional aspirations (what do you want to do as an addiction counselor)

Your essay can be uploaded to the graduate application when prompted.

3. Send official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions to:

The Graduate School 
Montana State University 
PO Box 172580 
Bozeman, MT 59717-2580

Application Submission Deadline:

  • March 15 for Fall or Summer semester start (be sure to specify which semester you would like to begin in your application)
  • October 15 for Spring semester start

Following Submission of the Online Graduate School Application:

After all required paperwork is submitted and the MSU graduate application is complete, the Addiction Counseling applicant reviewers will schedule an online video interview with selected applicants. Following the review of both the required paperwork and interview, students will be notified via e-mail of acceptance into the Graduate Addiction Counseling Certificate program.