Follow the below steps to review your schedule and confirm the delivery method for each course:

1. Open your "Schedule by Day and Time" by logging into MyInfo and going to Student Services > Registration                 > Student Schedule by Date and Time.  Enter a date within the desired semester in the 'Go To' box.

2. Take note of the section numbers and course information shared on your schedule.  See example schedule.

3. Confirm delivery method by looking up class sections in the MyInfo Schedule of Classes.


You can learn about different class modalities below.   

Spring 2021 Course Delivery Breakdown

Spring 2021 courses will be delivered in one of four modalities.  The delivery modalities are noted next to the course listings in the Schedule of Classes available in MyInfo.  

  • Face-to-Face:  Listings with noadded notes in the Schedule of Classes will be offered at the time and in the classroom listed. 


                   ENGL 461R-001              Issues in English Education            21051                        20    13      7        Staff                                  06/17-11/25
English      Lecture                            MWF 1215-1350                                Wilson 1117                                         3.0                                     16- Full Semester


  • Internet/Online Synchronous:  Listings with an "Internet/Online"notation that include days and times are synchronous.  Students are expected to log-in during those meeting times and participate. 


                   ENGL 461R-001           Issues in English Education            21051                       20    13      7            Staff                                   06/17-11/25 
English      Lecture                         TR 1215-1350                                     ONLINE WEB                                            3.0-Internet/Online     16- Full Semester


  • Internet/Online Asynchronous:  Listings with an "Internet/Online" notation that do notinclude days and times are asynchronous.  Students engage with course materials without a specific meeting time.  Asynchronous classes do include expectations to move through the course materials at an appropriate pace, even without set meeting times.


                   ENGL 461R-001           Issues in English Education            21051                       20    13      7            Staff                                   06/17-11/25 
English      Lecture                                                                                     ONLINE WEB                                            3.0-Internet/Online     13- Non-standard

  • Blended:  Courses are offered partially via remote platforms (internet/online) but with a significant portion of them conducted in-person.  Students can check their Brightspace/D2L accounts as the start of the semester approaches to see how their instructor will manage the blend to ensure the best possible learning environment.  Students are expected to attend the in-person portions of these classes at the time and the classroom listed in the class schedule.


                   ENGL 461R-001        Issues in English Education         21051            20    13      7          Staff                                                      06/17-11/25 
English      Lecture                     MWF 1610-1700                             Reid 332                                       3.0-Blended -Online and Onsite    16- Full Semester

Questions about classes can be directed to [email protected], and students can learn more about the different course delivery modes from our Academic Technology and Outreach office.  Specific questions about majors and programs of study should be directed to course faculty or academic departments.