Description Price Senate Finance
55 4k outdoor rated LED TV display with matching wall mount bracket



TV Sound Bar 347 347
Install with surge protection conduit 1,312 1,312
Total 6,502 6,502


Background: This request is for an outdoor rated TV to mount in the campus parking garage. The TV would be used to display student-made films from the School of Film & Photography; these films get little exposure outside of the department itself, and only in the last school year have these films started being played on the TVs in the Visual Communications Building. Displaying the student films in the VCB have worked as a promotional tool for the Film Department when tours are given in the building, as well as validated students by giving more exposure to their often rarely-seen work.

Request: I am requesting one 4K TV, designed to operate outdoors. I am also requesting a matching sound bar to go with the TV, so the films can be audible in the garage. 

Impact and Implementation: Student films get little exposure outside of the department itself, and screening the films in the parking garage will work as another promotional tool for the university—similar to having student films play in the VCB, or other student art displays across campus—and promote the School of Film & Photography to prospective and current students, as well as further validating the work of student filmmakers by giving more exposure to their movies.