Bozeman Hindu Society

Bozeman communities, students, inter faith services, and Indian community expressed their interest in knowing Hinduism in more depth and participating in Prabhu Seva/Puja/Bhajan (Hindu services). There is a lack of platform as well to represent Hinduism and its other associated religions Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. Due to these facts, we establish the Bozeman Hindu Society (BHS).

The following are the objectives for the society:
1. To promote awareness and understanding of Hinduism and its associated religions and cultures at the Montana State University-Bozeman and in Montana.
2. To provide a platform for Hindu culture followers to celebrate religious festivities.
3. To do Sewa (Community service) and discourse of religious scriptures like Geeta, Ramayana, Upnishadas, Guru Granth Sahib, Buddhavachana, Kalpasutra, etc.
4. To collaborate with like minded organizations to further our mission.
5. To represent as a ‘Hindu’ religion organization at various educational and religious functions.
6. To organize public lecture series of saints and Hindu scholars.

The Bozeman Hindu Society is open to everyone regardless of their religion, national identity, or social status.

To join the society or for further information, contact:;