If an individual feels s/he has been the target of a bias related incident, knows of another person who has been a victim or target or have witnessed a bias related incident, there may be questions about available options to assist this person(s).

Individuals who are the target of bias often look to their communities (such as dorm, churches, or student groups) first for mutual understanding, reinforcement and advice. There are victim resources available both on and off campus, and MSU encourages all students, faculty and staff to be aware and utilize them. 

Campus Resources

Counseling & Psychological Services

211 Swingle
(406) 994-4531

Counseling and Psychological Services offers services free of charge to eligible MSU students, and can also provide referrals. Some things you might discuss with a Counselor:

  • Help you figure out what you feel and think about what’s going on.
  • Getting information that will help you assesses the situation, and help you assess what you want.
  • Talking about how to manage your academics, or work given your situation.
  • Talking about making a safety plan if applicable. There are many strategies available.
  • Getting medical treatment if you have injuries or you are worried about current or future health concerns.
  • Changing where you live to get some space, or safety. There is community help with this.
  • Reporting to the authorities for further investigation and action.

Dean of Students

SUB 174
(406) 994-2826 

The Dean of Students Office act as an advocate for students, to consult and work with individual students and student groups, and to work with other campus offices in creating a sense of community at MSU. Assistance is available on a "drop-in" basis or by appointment. The Dean of Students Office assists students through the following services and interactions:

  • Consulting with or troubleshooting for students
  • Coordinating fraternities and sororities
  • Coordinating conduct/discipline actions
  • Hearing student grievances and appeals
  • Providing general information or assistance
  • Administering and interpreting the Student Conduct Code
  • Processing withdrawals from the university

Diversity Awareness Office

SUB 368
(406) 994-5801

The Diversity Awareness Office brings together members of the Montana State University community and the community at large by increasing understanding and providing support for those who identify with the wide spectrum of diversity issues including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, gender, and disability.

The Office of Institutional Equity 

Temporary location: University Police Department, Huffman Building, 7th and Kagy
(406) 994-2042

The OIE serves as the primary office on campus that monitors all claims of discrimination and harassment made on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or preference, marital or parental status, age, religion, creed or political belief, mental or physical handicap or disability, or status as a covered veteran in admission, access to, or conduct of our educational programs and activities or in our employment policies and practices. The Director of the Office of Institutional Equity serves as the Title IX Coordinator for the campus.

Silent Witness Program

[email protected]

Confidential/anonymous crime reporting open to anyone who has witnessed, or knows about, a crime committed on campus. You are welcome to send email with information that may be useful in keeping campus safe and secure. It is important to provide as much detail as to what, who, when, where, and how, as possible.

The Office of Activities and Engagement

SUB 222
(406) 994-6902

MSU has several student organizations which represent different interests, religious beliefs, and diverse groups on campus.  For information on groups registered at MSU or to get involved, contact the Office of Activities and Engagement.

MSU University Police

7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard 
(406) 994-2121 (24-Hour Line)

The mission of the Montana State University Police Department is to provide MSU's students, employees, and visitors a safe and secure environment for living and learning. The mission for every member of the department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve, and deliver security, safety, and quality services to members of our community.

VOICE Center

SUB 370 (above Leigh Lounge) Walk-in Hours 9am-4pm Monday-Friday
(406) 994-7069 (24-Hour Support Line)
(406) 994-7662 (Office Line)
[email protected] 

Provides 24-hour confidential support for anyone impacted by interpersonal and gender violence including; sexual assault, acts of sexual violence, intimate/domestic relationship violence, and stalking.

Bozeman Community Resources 

The Help Center

(406) 586-3333 (24-Hour Line)

Provides a 24-hour confidential community crisis line to talk about concerns, personal safety, options, and community resources.

Victim Assistance Program

(406) 582-2075 or (406) 582-2076 

Provides information and support to people who have been impacted by crimes in Gallatin County

Gallatin Valley Human Rights Task Force

(406) 581-3254

The health of any environment depends on diversity. The Gallatin Valley Human Rights Task Force works to make our community a better place for everyone – where we are judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.