Embodying the values of the Student Conduct Code and University policy and procedures, the Bias Incident Reporting System (BIRS) provides an avenue for students who, as a result of incidences of bias, can report the incidents to the university. Incidences motivated by bias affect both communities and individuals and can manifest in many ways, such as the victim being left with a feeling of emotional discomfort and a sense of insecurity.

Serving as both a reactive and proactive method of enhancing a more inclusive and diverse campus environment, the Bias Incident Reporting System supports an academic, working, and living environment based on an appreciation of diversity of thought, appearance, and lifestyle. By enhancing this community of solidarity, MSU continues its commitment to support an environment where a student, faculty or staff member can excel in an environment free of bias.

The Office of Institutional Equity manages the Bias Incident Reporting System, in partnership with the Dean of Students Office and the Diversity Awareness Office. These offices work together to ensure the BIRS is accessible to students, faculty and staff and will provide a visible route to voice concerns.