Reporting bias incidents increases the University’s awareness of the environment of our students, faculty, staff and community members.  Submitting a Bias Report will allow the University to investigate reports and address non-compliance to University policies and procedures, and areas where education on certain issues may be needed. Overall, reporting an incident will help MSU continue to provide an inclusive and welcoming campus culture.

There are two ways to submit a report:

  1. Submit a report online using the Bias Incident Reporting Form.
  2. Submit a report in person by visiting: 

Please note that submitting a bias incident report does not initiate an informal or formal complaint process for allegations of harassment or discrimination.  Contact the Office of Institutional Equity to file a complaint.

Who can submit a report?

Faculty, staff, students, as well as parents, alumni and visitors to campus with knowledge of a perceived or actual bias incident on campus may report the incident using the Bias Incident Reporting Form or by contacting an office listed above.

Why should I submit a report?

Acts of bias and intolerance effect both the person(s) and the University community as a whole.  Although, bias related incidents may not rise to a criminal level, they can affect the perceived safety of the campus environment and result in an adverse effect on an individuals’ or group of individuals’ working, living, or educational environment. Being aware and sensitive to issues of bias is essential to creating and sustaining the best possible environment for learning, scholarship, creative activity, and working together.

Montana State University is committed to the success of all our students, staff and faculty. The university works to create an environment that values and celebrates our diverse community and fosters respect for every individual.  With your help, we can continue to provide opportunities for all persons to perform to their full potential. As we continue to work towards providing excellent research and learning opportunities in a place as special and unique as Montana, we also need to continue to promote and support a community that is as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

Together, we all can maintain a respectful and inclusive environment that provides the support and opportunity necessary for each member of our community to prosper and achieve.

Anonymous and Confidential Reporting

Confidential reporting may be used for informational purposes, however, it may limit the types of actions that can be taken regarding bias related incidents. Reports that are not confidential or anonymous will assist for better resolution to the concerns. 

Anonymity will be valued, however completing the report may initiate law enforcement, judicial or administrative action.