When a report is filed, it will be submitted directly to the Director of the Office of Institutional Equity for initial review and distribution. The Director of Institutional Equity, will review the report and determine if the incident is a Bias Incident or if it is discriminatory behavior that will be addressed under Montana State University Nondiscrimination Policy and Discrimination Grievance Procedures.

If the report is determined to be a bias incident, it will be shared with the Bias Incident Team Coordinator and members of the BIRT who will meet to determine an appropriate response to the incident.

Each incident is different, and the necessary actions will vary with the nature of each report.

Report Summary

Incidents reported will be compiled and included in a summary distributed to campus offices and student organizations each semester to increase the awareness and visibility of bias related incidents occurring on campus.  The document will include a summary of incidents reported through BIRS . The summary will not contain specific names and may exclude location to protect the privacy of those reporting incidents.