Thanks to all the Bobcat fans who submitted photos for our spring contest.  Based on the record number of entries received, MSU spirit is alive and well.

Congratulations to our winners

  • Kacie Engle, Glendale, Arizona,
  • Jodi Hoines Peretti, Butte, Montana
  • Sharon Craig, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Each winner will receive a $50 gift card from the MSU Bookstore.

Honorable mentions

  • Cory Chenoweth, Helena
  • Kim Craig, Billings


Thanks for all the terrific photos.  Watch a slideshow of some of the entries and keep those photos coming.

Backer family tailgating at opening day of Bobcat football in September 2011HONORABLE MENTION: Cory '2 and Amber '04 Chenoweth welcome future Bobcat Drew, a member of the class of '34. HONORABLE MENTION: Three generations of Bobcat fans enjoy the Bozeman atmosphere before a football game. Photo submitted by Kim Craig. Bobcat fans Kim, Lindsey and Nichole posing as Bond Girls. Photo submitted by Jeff Craig.Cynthia Skillingberg Thomas (EdD 2000) with son Christopher and his son Ace. Submitted by Cynthia A little Bobcat heads back to the locker room with his hero. Photo submitted by Vicki Flotkoetter. Matt and Lincoln Jetty on their way to the San Leandro, CA Cat Griz satellite party. Photo submitted by Meghan Peel. Easton Theys and Amara Theys in Bobcat gear after getting home from a football game. Photo submitted by Amara Theys.Kjel, Hannah and Jaren dressed appropriately for the game. Photo submitted by Kjel Olson.WINNER: The Peretti family at Bobcat Stadium - Ed, Jodi, Jessi and Nick all graduated from MSU and Katie is attending right now. Photo submitted by Jodi Hoines Peretti. Ralph and Linda, head to toe in Bobcat gear, head to the spring game. Photos submitted by Linda McCormick. WINNER: Gold Rush in the Sonny Holland End Zone. Photo submitted by Sharon Craig. Three generations of the Sherrick family at Bobcat Stadium Homecoming 2011. Photo submitted by: Sheree Watson.Intellectual little Bobcat and her big sister. Photo submitted by Melissa Soucy.WINNER: Bobcat spirit in action. Photo submitted by Kacie EngleGeared up for the game. Photo submitted by Kacie Engle.Champ says, �We�re number 1�. Photo submitted by Kacie Engle. Cat fan Conner gets excited. Photo submitted by Erin Turner.Enjoying the game at Bobcat stadium. Photo submitted by Heidi Crum.Bobcat family enjoys the pre-game festivities! Photo submitted by Jeff Craig.Craig brothers unite at Gold Rush game. Dwight '86, Duane '87, Don '70, Doug '78, Dennis '82, David. Photo submitted by Sharon Craig Siblings hug before the game. Photo submitted by Jeff Craig.

Click on an image to view as a slideshow.