Fraiser Opel

We would like you to meet Fraiser Opel ’09, an MPAc alum from Missoula, Montana, who is now a Director of Strategy and Business Development for Air Manufacturing Innovation at Nike in Portland, Oregon.

She recalls being an MPAc Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) as both a helpful and enjoyable experience while at Montana State University. She described it as a great way to connect with the student body while giving back to our outstanding – her words, not ours – program!

Fraiser started out working for KPMG before hiring on at Nike as a Global Audit Principal. Now in her Strategic Planning position, she tells us that she develops strategies to build the future for Air, the only footwear component manufactured by Nike. She stresses the importance of obtaining your CPA (supported by our program) because it “gives you a boost in credibility, no matter the field you decide to work in.”

When asked about her experience with our program, she says, The MPAc program taught me how to work hard towards a goal, preparing me to successfully pass the CPA exam and accept a job in the city of my choice!