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State Preferred Program – Kyocera / 360 Office Solutions

Through collaboration with the State Print & Mail division, we are excited to be able to offer MSU departments an effective copier / MFD solution.  This competitively bid contract offers highly discounted pricing on purchases, leases, and service rates.  In addition the contract has a variety of different units that can be customized to meet your needs.  Please refer to the catalog found here: Kyocera Catalog.  To place your order and/or receive more information, contact Kim in Procurement Services, 406-994-3211 or

One feature of the State Preferred Program includes audits on current usages per MFD, providing valuable information on the possibility of reducing a department’s environmental footprint, while lowering their print costs.

Also, a Copier Agreement drafted by Procurement Services is all that is needed for copiers leased or purchased through the State Preferred Program.

Leasing or Purchasing a Copier / MFD

Please contact Procurement Services to purchase or lease a copier / MFD.  Procurement Services will work with you to ensure the best rates and provide UBS Accounting Office the information they need to properly record the lease or purchase.

Steps to Lease or Purchase

  1. Contact Procurement Services at 994-3211, or with desired machine specifications and signed quote.

Vendor Options:

  • 360 Office Solutions (State Preferred Vendor) Brand:  Kyocera

             Phone:  406-994-3211

  • J&H Office Equipment (NASPO #3091) Brand:  Canon, Ricoh

             Phone:  406-586-3103

  •  Fisher's Document Systems (formerly Davis Business Machines) (NASPO #3091) Brand:  Konica Minolta

             Phone: 208-375-4410

  •  Kelley Imaging (NASPO #3091) Brand:  Xerox


  1. Procurement Services will obtain comparable pricing between vendors. After comparable pricing is received, Procurement will submit to department.
  2. Once department has researched, compared and selected the machine that will be in the best interest of Montana State University, department will inform Procurement Services of machine selected and provide the following information:

Department Bill to and Ship to Address

Department Contact Person

Delivery Date

Department Index Number

DPO Number, if applicable

Additional information needed if leasing:

Cash Purchase Price (asset value only, no interest)

Monthly Lease Payment

Term/Length of Lease

Buyout Option w/dollar amount & who will own copier at end of lease

Interest Rate vendor is using to compute monthly lease payment

Start and End Date of Lease

Note:  If not using general operating funds, an Intercap Loan may be possible for an outright purchase. This financing option would result in ownership of the copier, and likely a lower interest expense.  If you would like to learn about Intercap loan options, please notify Procurement Services —we will get you in touch with the person in UBS who handles borrowing.

 Procurement Services will:

  • Complete appropriate document (DPO, PO or Copier Agreement) for the purchase or lease of machine selected
  • Contact vendor for missing information
  • Contact leasing company, if necessary
  • Send fully executed document to department and vendor, leasing company, & University Business Services, if necessary

University Business Services (UBS) will:

  • Provide Intercap Loan financing options, if desired
  • Generate payback amortization schedule for leased machine showing principal & interest amounts for monthly payments
  • Provide amortization schedule for leased machine to department for proper coding of principal & interest on BPA

Department will:

  • Provide departmental information to Procurement Services for drafting of document
  • Review document (DPO, PO or Copier Agreement) drafted by Procurement Services
  • Sign & return copy of document to Procurement Services
  • If lease, use amortization schedule to properly code principal & interest on BPA or in P-card System

Remember, you must contact Procurement Services before entering into any purchase or lease agreement.

Trade-Ins, Transfers, Disposals, & E-Scrap

Department will need to complete a PARR form and send to Property Management.  For assistance or questions contact Property Management at 994-5504 or

Note:  If the old copier goes with vendor for disposal or trade-in, you need to make sure it doesn't have a hard drive in it that contains sensitive data. If you aren't sure,  contact the E-Scrap Coordinator at 994-5678 or

Vendor Agreements

All vendor agreements must be reviewed by Procurement Services, regardless of the dollar amount.  This includes service / maintenance agreements.  Please provide Procurement Services with a copy of the maintenance agreement for review prior to entering any agreements.  Often, vendor agreements contain terms that the University is prohibited from agreeing to by Montana State law. 

Any agreement signed without Procurement’s approval is an unauthorized contract and is subject to cancellation.

Other Requirements:

  • Do not sign vendor provided agreements without Procurement Services review.
  • Remember to clearly reference Contract# on your BPA or P-Card report.

Reminder:  If not purchasing from a MSU or State contract normal procurement procedures must be followed: limited solicitation over $5,000, formal bidding (handled by Procurement Services) over $25,000