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Procurement Services
Ramie Pederson
(406) 994-3213

 Buy Direct!

To get the best value without additional bidding requirements purchase directly off of contracts: NASPO MA16000234-1-Fisher, MA16000234-3-Nikon, & MA16000234-2-VWR.

Order from the below vendors to purchase:

Fisher Scientific

Contract: NASPO MA16000234-1-Fisher

Lee Tierney
Senior Sales Representative
Fisher Scientific
Phone: 406-224-3717

Go to  to search for pricing and availability. When you are on Fisher Scientific’s website Click on “Browse all Products” to see a list of available products. Please contact JT McGuire about setting up an account on the website.

 Nikon Instruments Inc.

Contract: MA16000234-3-Nikon

Victoria Stolz
Phone: 631-547-8526

<ordering instructions>

VWR International

Contract: MA16000234-2-VWR

Lewis McMillan
Direct Number: 770-335-7925
Fax: 484-881-5697

Go to  to search for pricing and availability. Please contact Lewis McMillan about setting up an account on the website.

Other Requirements:

  • Do not sign vendor provided agreements without Procurement Services review.
  • Remember to clearly reference Contract# on your BPA or P-Card report.

If not purchasing from MSU or State normal procurement procedures must be followed: limited solicitation over $5,000, formal bidding (handled by Procurement Services) over $25,000