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Buy Direct!

To get the best value without additional bidding requirements purchase directly off of State Term Contract: WSCA NASPO-MA662, MA663, MA670, M671.  This contract includes the following furniture manufacturers: American Seating Company, AmTab Manufacturing Corporation, Hertz Furniture Systems LLC, & Krueger International Inc. (KI).

Link to contracts overview:

All contracts expire 06/13/2019

Contact the below vendors directly to purchase:

American Seating Company

Contract# WSCA NASPO-MA662

360 Office Solutions
212 Zoot Way
Bozeman, MT 59718

AmTab Manufacturing Corporation

Contract# WSCA NASPO-MA663

360 Office Solutions
3676 Pierce Parkway
Billings, MT 59718
Rhonda Brown



Hertz Furniture Systems LLC

Contract# WSCA NASPO-MA670

95 McKee Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Phone: 800-526-4677
Fax: 800-842-9290
David Azer

Krueger International (KI)

Contract# WSCA NASPO-MA671

PO Box 8100 1330 Bellevue Street
Green Bay, WI 54308-8100
Phone: 920-468-2396
Mike Hogan

 Other Requirements:

  • For all furniture purchases, please contact Facilities Services to determine any additional requirements.
  • Do not sign vendor provided agreements without Procurement Services review.
  • Remember to clearly reference Contract# on your BPA or P-Card report.

If not purchasing from MSU or State contracts normal procurement procedures must be followed: limited solicitation over $5,000, formal bidding (handled by Procurement Services) over $25,000