Tips and tricks for saving money

Do you have an idea for saving money in your department?  We want to hear about it!  On this page you will find a collection of submitted tips that can provide some real savings.  These ideas have been provided by your colleagues at MSU.

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 Set your color copier default to black and white

Procurement Services sometimes sees BPA’s come through with monthly copier maintenance charges in the hundreds and even thousands.  Most copier maintenance contracts are based on usage, with black & white images charged at under $0.01 per copy.  In contrast, color images are usually charged at $0.05 per copy or more.  Copier’s defaults are often set to self-select if a copy should be made in color or black and white.  When the copier identifies any color, even a single blue pen mark, it processes the entire job in color and the associated charge per copy costs you 5 times as much than if it were processed as black and white!  The simple step of going into your copiers settings and changing the default to black and white can provide big savings.  Note that color copies are still available, but the user decides when they are necessary.  Your copier service provider should be able to help you adjust your settings. (Submitted by Procurement Services)