Buy Direct!

Did you know that many of the goods and services purchased at MSU are available under MSU or State contracts?  There are several agreements currently active that offer quality goods and services at discounted prices.  Also, because all of these contracts have been established through a competitive bidding process, there is no additional bidding required, even above the $5,000 level.  MSU purchasers can procure these goods and services and feel confident that you are getting the best prices and quality.  Just mark your BPA or P-Card report with the Contract #.  Please Note: Purchases over $25,000 will still need a signed PD-1 submitted to Procurement prior to purchase to authorize funding.    

Below are links that provide information on how to procure some of MSU’s most commonly purchased items.  Check this website often, as new contracts will be added and expiring ones will be deleted.  We also have provided information on any special considerations or policies that may apply for your purchase.  If you have a question about a particular vendor, a product, or a service not listed here, please contact Procurement Services for help, at 406-994-3211 or [email protected].

Important note – do not sign vendor agreements (at any $ level) without Procurement Services review.  See Vendor Agreements section below for more information.