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Procurement Services
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Controlled commodity – must purchase through Procurement!

All vehicles purchases must go through Procurement Services.  New Vehicles are Purchase twice per year by the State Procurement Bureau.

New vehicles are purchased through the State Procurement Bureau (SPB).  The SPB purchases vehicles only two times a year - in the in the Fall and Spring.  Procurement Services issues the Pre-requisition form to the departments and processes all requests with the SPB. 

Once the information is received from the SPB, Procurement Services will send the Pre-requisition form with instructions to the department.  The department selects the vehicle group and checks off the options that they require.  They then submit a Purchase Requisition (PD-1), a copy of the vehicle group page with options checked, and a short memo justifying the need for the purchase.  Procurement Services then submits all requisitions to the SPB.  Once approved the SPB will collect all requests and issue a statewide Invitation for Bids.  Once bids are received and tabulated, they will notify Procurement Services of potential awards.  Procurement Services will then contact the department to accept or reject the bids and submit revised purchase requisitions if necessary.  Upon approval the SPB that then issues a Purchase Order.  Once the order is placed, departments will be notified and be responsible for coordinating delivery and payment.

On a limited basis, departments may request a new vehicle off schedule.  Procurement Services will then contact SPB to see if a “Piggyback” option is available.  “Piggyback” is where SPB purchases off the low bid from the most recent Fall or Spring bids.  (Note: this Piggyback option may or may not be available.)

Other Requirements:

New Vehicles are a controlled commodity.  Regardless of dollar value, departments are not authorized to purchase new vehicles through any other method.