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Procurement Services
Ramie Pederson
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Controlled commodity – must purchase through Procurement!

To purchase a used vehicle follow the below steps:

  1. Establish the criteria you need.  Identify type of vehicle, i.e. car, truck, SUV…and features needed.  You can not specify a particular make and model except as an example for which you will take equivalents.

  2. Provide your criteria to Procurement Services.  Procurement Services will contact the State of Montana Surplus and Recycling Program to find out if they have a vehicle that meets the requirements. If interested in a vehicle it is the department’s responsibility to make arrangements to inspect and decide if it will meet their needs.

  3. If no acceptable vehicles are available, and the total cost is anticipated to be less than $25,000, the department can do a limited solicitation.  Remember that bids cannot be make or model specific, but must be based on requirements of intended use.

  4. If total cost is anticipated to be more than $25,000, submit a purchase requisition to Procurement Services.  Procurement will then issue a formal Invitation for Bid.

Other Requirements:

  • Do not sign vendor provided agreements without Procurement Services review.