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The following resources were developed using grant support from the State of Montana and the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

All posters and information sheets are free to use. To request a PDF file, please contact [email protected]


Info Sheet: How to Safely Wear a Mask

check box image

Info Sheet: Interpreting Results

interpreting results

Info Sheet: Interpreting Results (for CSKT members)

interpreting results

Info Sheet: I Tested Positive ... Now What?

I Tested Positive


Info Sheet: Reducing Risk of Small Gatherings

reducing risks

Poster: Mask Up!

interpreting results

Poster: Tired of Wearing a Mask?

mask fatigue

Poster: Wash Your Paws

I Tested Positive


Poster: Wash Your Paws (Version 2)

wash your paws

Poster: Wash Your Paws (Version 3)

wash your paws

Info Sheet: Why Get a COVID-19 Test If I Am Asymptomatic?

Covid test image

Info Sheet: COVID-19 Screening

covid screening image


Info Sheet: Safety Pods

safety pod

Info Sheet: How to Safely Quarantine

safely quarantine


healthy communities

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