Vernon Grant

Project Leader Vernon Grant, Ph.D.
[email protected] 

This study will address critical gaps in the literature by working with the Blackfeet community to develop a 9-week sleep intervention to increase total sleep time (TST) in K-3rd grade children. The feasibility study will include text messaging, a private Facebook page, and Blackfoot language, song, and stories. Another novel aspect of this work is assessing how COVID-19 has impacted mental health and sleep in Blackfeet families. 

To our knowledge, this study will be the first to 1) employ sleep interventions capitalizing on social technology (i.e., texting and Facebook) with child and adult dyads within a tribal community; and 2) incorporate the Blackfoot language that is central to the identity of the Blackfeet nation. Study aims include:

Aim 1: Feasibility test of the 9-week sleep intervention with K-1st grade Blackfeet families. Child and adult dyads will be recruited to pilot-test sleep content through texting and Facebook. 

Aim 2: Determine the impact that COVID-19 has had on mental health and sleep patterns in Blackfeet families. 

The study team will assess mental health and sleep with surveys and actigraphy, including family interviews.