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Groups that want to be recognized as an official Registered Student Organization at MSU must complete the registration process once each academic year. For returning clubs, in order to keep your registration status active, you MUST register by September 30th. Clubs can register at any time throughout the year, however. The deadline is just to keep your registration status active from the previous year. 

Need help establishing a new organization? Please visit our new student organization page.

Yearly Registration will open August 1st!

IMPORTANT: This guide is for registering a brand-new organization, not in CatsConnect. If you are looking to renew your organization's registration, please visit this guide.

Follow these steps to complete your registration:

Go to CatsConnect. We recommend opening the CatsConnect registration form in a separate window and have this guide and the registration window side-by-side.

Sign in with your Net ID and password (if asked).

First-time users will need to create a brief profile. This is your user profile (not your club’s profile) so use the email you have listed as your preferred email in MyInfo. (If you don’t know what your preferred email is, follow this link to log into MyInfo.)

 Sign in to CatsConnect


Click the three stacked lines in the top left corner to reveal the main menu. Click Organizations in the menu bar and then click on Register an Organization

screenshot of main menu

Click on Register a New Organization.

screenshot of where to find register an organization button

You will find the link to Register a New Organization at the bottom of the page after the list of already registered organizations.

Register a New Organization


Registration Instructions

Here are some things you should know before beginning:

  • The person submitting this registration will be the organization’s primary contact. For this reason, we recommend that it is completed by the current club president.
  • While you will have the ability to edit most of your club’s information after registration approval, please provide complete and up-to-date information.
  • You must enter a complete club roster including at least 1 faculty/staff advisor, 1 president, 1 vice president, and at least 10 total members. Email addresses for all members and officers are required.

Remember, 80% of your overall membership MUST be currently enrolled students. (Club Sports must be 100% students.)

After your registration is approved, you can add and assign the officer titles you want.

  • If you are unable to complete the registration, the registration process can be continued at any time by resuming it in from your Submissions.
  • If you have issues with the form or need assistance, please contact the OSE at 994-2933 or [email protected]. 


Official Organization Name and Acronym/Nickname

Enter your full organization name in the first field and any abbreviations in the second, if desired.

Remember: If you wish to use “MSU” or “Montana State University” as part of your name, it must appear after your organization name. For example: Chess Club at MSU

Official Organization Name and Acronym/Nickname


Organization Description Summary

This should be a short, one-sentence summary of your organization’s purpose (character limit: 254). Your description summary will appear on the Organizations page along with your club’s name and logo.

Organization Description Summary 

Organization Description Summary PUBLIC VIEW


Organization Description

Provide your organization’s full purpose/mission here. Members of the MSU community will see your organization description when they click on your organization’s profile.

Organization Description 

Organization Description PUBLIC


Organization Web Site URL

Note: This is NOT your club’s external website. This will complete the link to your club’s CatsConnect profile. Simply type your club’s name or abbreviation without spaces. Please use something that is relevant to your club. Anything else will be changed!

For example: entering asmsu will complete the CatsConnect URL to read


Organization Web Site URL

External Website

If your club has its own website, enter it here.


Social Media

Enter any and all links to your club’s social media accounts here.

Tip: With the exception of Twitter, you will need to enter full URLs. For example:

 Social Media


Organization Contact Information: Email

Enter your club’s primary email address here. Members of the MSU community will have access to this email address when they view your club’s profile. This email must be checked regularly.

If your club does not have a dedicated club email, use the president’s email.

Contact Information email 

Organization Contact Information: Address

If you want to include an address on your club's profile, please list your on-campus mailing address: either your club's SUB mailbox or advisor’s on-campus address. Please DO NOT use a club leader's off-campus address!

Note: If you do not currently have a SUB mailbox but would like one, you will be given the opportunity to request one later in this registration process.


Organization Contact Information: Phone Number

If you would like to provide a way for potential members to get in touch with you via phone or text, enter a phone number here. This will most likely be the president’s phone number. This phone number will be available on the club’s CatsConnect profile and available to anyone with an MSU NetID.

Hint: Phone numbers must be entered in this format: 000-000-0000


This is how your club's contact informaton will be displayed on your club's profile page:

Contact Information public


Additional Information

Provide information about club meetings, membership requirements, and dues.

 Additional Information


Additional Information public


Profile Picture

Upload a logo or image to show in the organization directory and your organization’s page. The image you select will automatically run through an image resizer, so the larger the better! Your profile photo will appear in a circular shape, so expect the edges of the photo to be cropped.

Note: Your club’s logo may NOT include any MSU trademarked images per the University Name and Logo Policy.

 profile picture cropped


Add New Members and Assign Positions

Input your full membership roster here. After your registration is approved, members will receive an email inviting them to confirm their membership. Once they do, they will have access to all of your organization’s information via CatsConnect including events, notifications, documents, and so much more!

There are two ways you can input member details, but we recommend adding multiple members in bulk (option #2 below):

1. Add individual members. This will allow you to enter email addresses and assign officer positions one-by-one. This is a good option if you only have a few members or you don’t have email addresses compiled into one list.

Tip: While you have the ability to enter first and last names, you can save time by only entering email addresses at this stage. Full names and other member details will be added when members complete their CatsConnect profiles.

Troubleshooting Tip: If member entries fail to add to the roster below after clicking Add, make sure there is no extra space at the end of the email address.

2. Add multiple members in bulk. If you have many members and/or you have everyone’s email address in one list, you can copy and paste all email addresses to the field. You can then edit position assignments in the roster below.

Regardless of which option you choose, you must assign officer positions to meet the roster requirements, which are: at least 1 Advisor, 1 President, 1 Vice President, and 11 total participants. (Because CatsConnect counts your advisor as a participant, you need 10 members and one advisor to complete the membership requirements of 10 current members. Officers also count as members.) After your registration is approved, you can create and assign your remaining officer positions.

Once you add the required officers and members, the Roster Requirements at the top and bottom of the page will show four green check marks.

Tip: While it might be tempting to shortcut this process by only entering the minimum required membership, it is in your club’s best interest to enter your full active roster. Doing so will give your members access to your organization’s tools in CatsConnect and allow you to engage your members right away. Also, when prospective members check out your club’s profile, they will be able to view how many members you have and form an impression of your club.


Organization Interests

Choose several interests to recommend your organization and events to students who have identified similar interests in their personal profiles. Selecting a minimum of 3 interests is recommended.

Tip: After you select your organization’s interests, you can sort them in the order of relevance or priority.


Organization Categories

Select 1 to 3 categories that fit your organization. Potential members will be able to view organizations by category when looking for clubs to join, so you’ll want to pick the categories most relevant to your organization.

Organization descriptions:

  • Club Sport: An organization whose purpose is to encourage participation and engage its members in competitive, extramural sports. MUST be 100% student membership. (e.g. Hockey Club)
  • Cultural: An organization whose membership is to provide social and cultural awareness of various groups or to serve as a social support for international students (e.g. Chinese Culture Club)
  • Departmental: An organization representing a specific academic area or college (e.g. Engineering Club)
  • Fraternity: A social, fraternal organization composed of all male members. An organization in this classification must be a member of Interfraternity Council.
  • Honorary: An organization whose membership is based on academic achievements
  • Military: An organization whose membership is based on associations with the U.S. military (e.g. Veteran Student Association)
  • Professional/Career: An organization representing a specific profession or career (e.g. Business Club)
  • Recreational: An organization whose main purpose is to provide a space for recreational activities such as dance, hula-hooping, etc. (e.g.Salsa Club)
  • Religious/Spiritual: An organization whose purpose is religious instruction and fellowship
  • Self-Help: An organization who strives to provide support or a shared interest in the areas of mental or physical health, addictions or other issues that may impact an individual
  • Service: An organization whose chief function is to provide community service to the community
  • Social/Political: An organization associated with a political party, advancing a political candidate or addressing any social issue (e.g. College Republicans or Students for Progress)
  • Sorority: A social, fraternal organization composed of all female members. An organization in this classification must be a member of Panhellenic.
  • Special Interest: An organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss and share information and/or participate in activities regarding a specific, non-academic related topic of interest (e.g. Book Club, Cribbage Club). You may also classify your group as this if you don’t fit into any of the other categories.
  • Student Government: An organization whose purpose is to represent group(s) of MSU students (e.g. ASMSU or Ag Student Council)


Club Locker and Mailbox Request

OSE manages mailboxes and lockers for Registered Student Organizations to utilize. These mailboxes and lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please select the options that match your needs.

Student Organization Agreement & Informed Consent

Familiarize yourself with the policies and responsibilities you and your organization will be held to. You will find the Student Organization Policy on our website as well.


Advisor Agreement

The final step before your registration can be reviewed and approved is the Advisor Agreement. Email the Advisor Agreement link to your faculty/staff advisor(s) with a request to complete the form before you submit your registration. Once we receive the Advisor Agreement, we will review your registration.

Important: You must copy the Advisor Agreement link from the Registration screen to send to your advisor. If you open the link and then copy the link from a browser, your advisor will not be able to access the form.



You may review your registration before submitting, if desired. You may also print a copy of your registration for your records.

You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected] once your registration has been submitted and another when your registration is approved. Once approved, we will upload your club's recognition letter to your group's Documents Folder on CatsConnect (a copy will also be emailed to your organization's email address).


If you have any questions regarding your club’s registration, please contact the OSE at 994-2933 or [email protected]