Bridget McNulty studies the molecular and cellular factors in the development of the inner ear.

Option 1: Apply through the Molecular Biosciences Program

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply through the Molecular Biosciences Program (MBS).

Students can rotate in any MSU faculty laboratory and pursue a Ph.D. in Cell Biology & Neuroscience.  Interested students can apply on-line to the Molecular Biosciences Program or contact [email protected] for additional information.


Next application deadline for the Molecular Biosciences Program is December 14, 2020

Option 2: Direct Application to Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Direct application to CBN is a three step process. Prospective students must secure a faculty sponsor who's lab they would like to work in.  After securing a faculty sponsor, students are invited to apply through the MSU Graduate School, at which point applications will be evaluated by the faculty and graduate admissions committee. Direct application is a rolling application process and applications are accepted at any time.

Step 1: Secure a faculty sponsor

Prior to direct application, all prospective students must secure a faculty sponsor. Contact CBN faculty members directly to discuss and arrange sponsorship. 

During this online process, applicants will be asked to provide contact information about their references. Four letters of reference are required and one of these letters must be from the supporting faculty member and must clearly state their intent to supoort your graduate studies. 

PLEASE - Do NOT fill out an online application prior to securing a faculty sponsor.

Step 2: Application to the Graduate School

If you are invited to apply to The Graduate School at MSU, specific instructions will be provided at that point. You will be required to pay a $60 processing fee and have your professional letters of reference, official transcripts from all tertiary-level colleges or universities you attended, and a statement of research and education interests specific to CBN programs sent to MSU. 

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are now optional. While not required, these scores are highly recommended if your GPA is lower or if you have less research experience. Please have GRE test scores sent from ETS to MSU using institution code: 4488. 

Step 3: Admissions Committee Review

CBN faculty will review the application and make recommendations regarding admission to the Graduate Committee and MBI Department Head.


Please do not contact CBN faculty regarding the review process (Steps 2 & 3). Only contact them regarding questions related to sponsorship and funding. Once your application to the Graduate School is complete, you will be contacted by the Graduate School.