Spring Semester 2023

Upcoming Graduate Student Seminars

Come support your peers by attending their talks! Seminars are every Friday in Byker at 3:10pm.

January 20

Ms. Jessica Lusty Beech will be giving their 4th year talk in Biochemistry titled "Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Reduce: Understanding and Addressing the Limitations of a Plastic-Converting Iron Oxidoreductase." Jessica is a PhD student in the research lab of Professor Jen DuBois. Read her abstract on the department's seminar webpage!

March 10

Batu Balci will present a graduate student seminar. Batu is a graduate student in the research lab of Professor Joan Broderick.

April 28

James Larson will present a graduate student seminar in Biochemistry. James is a PhD graduate student from the research lab of Professor Brian Bothner.

New GSA Board 2023-2024

The new GSA board members have been elected and announced in the Fall 2022 semester, and will begin their duties this spring! The new board members that will be taking over the 3 positions that opened up are as follows:

Amy Demetritte
Sylvia Nupp
Magalee Frometa

They will be working alongside the following 2 board members from the 2022-2024 election:

Heidi Koenig
Olivia Duletski

We look forward to seeing what new changes will be in store for GSA!

Fall 2022

Welcome new grad students!

Let's all welcome the new incoming class of Fall 2022! We hope you will have many great years with us in our program.

Victoria Adedoyin

Emmanuel Akpoto

Allie Crawford

Shawn Hartney

Chioma Irozuru

John Emoche James

Alex Marlott

Abie McCollar

Abraham Teye

Keegan Walker

Ethan Witta