Future merchandise

Sweatshirt logoFlannel logo

The GSA board is ordering limited edition sweatshirts and flannel shirts, obtaining numbers and sizes by asking for purchase commitments. We will be placing these orders very soon so contact us at [email protected] today. These shirts will sport brand new logos that have never been used before in this department. 

We plan to order beenies in the next few months to equip the department with warm ears before deep sinter sets in.

Current merchandise

GSA T-shirt

We still have a few of these shirts for sale in limited sizes.

The shirt can be purchased for $15.00 or bundled with a mug for $23.00.



There is a large supply of these classy mugs available.

One mug can be purchased for $10.00 or bundled with a T-shirt for $23.00.


To purchase any of our merchandise, visit Katie (RM. 130) or Jenna (RM. #126), or email us at [email protected].