What are Club Sports?

Club Sports are organizations created by students, that compete competitively with other University clubs, or through private tournaments, but are not sponsored Univeristy Athletic Programs or regulated by the NCAA. They allow students to continue competing in sports that may not be offered at a collegiate level.

How do I join a club?

Anyone can join a club as long as they are a student at Montana State. The best way to go about joining a club is either attending one of their practices, or directly contacting the club President to find out how they can get involved. 

Do I need to pay to play?

While there is no fee imposed by Montana State to join one of the clubs, some, but not all, do have semester dues that they charge their members. These dues help cover the costs of things like traveling to tournaments, new equipment, and any rentals that the club may need. 

How do I get in touch with a club?

Where do they practice?

Each club practices at different times spread across many spaces. To know exactly when and where a specific team practices please contact them directly. 

Who manages Club Sports?

Full time professional staff in the Rec. Sports & Fitness department oversee the all of Club Sports from an administrative standpoint. The clubs themselves are responsbile for coordinating all of their day to day activities, travel, fundraising, and tryouts. The RSF office assists with any finances allocated to clubs by the University and with travel and safety compliance. 


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