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July 2019

MT Community Development Update

Conference materials including presentations, videos and photos will be posted from the recent National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) and International Association for Community Development events that took place last month. The upcoming Community Development Society Conference will also be posting conference materials; all of these resources are an excellent collection of educational and research materials for the practitioner, academic or community activist to use in their own community so do take advantage. The 2020 NACDEP Conference dates and location has been announced; Save the Date for Portsmouth, NH May 31- June 3. 
Save the Date for the next "Coming Together for Racial Understanding" Train-the-Trainer Workshop on Oct. 7-11, 2019. The location is tentatively planned for Minneapolis and like last year's workshop, teams will consist of 3 individuals from each participating state. 
-Paul Lachapelle MSU Community Development Specialist

Reports & Resources

On average, older adults spend over half their waking hours alone
Pew Research | READ STORY

Americans ages 60 and older are alone for more than half of their daily measured time - which includes all waking hours except those spent engaged in personal activities such as grooming. All told, this amounts to about seven hours a day; and among those who live by themselves, alone time rises to over 10 hours a day, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America's dirty secret
The Guardian | READ STORY

What happens to your plastic after you drop it in a recycling bin? According to promotional materials from America's plastics industry, it is whisked off to a factory where it is seamlessly transformed into something new. This is not the experience of Nguyen Thi Hong Tham, a 60-year-old Vietnamese mother of seven, living amid piles of grimy American plastic on the outskirts of Hanoi.

UN: 673 Million People Still Defecate Outdoors

A new UN report focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene has found that some 2.2 billion people across the globe lack safely managed drinking water. 4.2 billion go without safe sanitation services while three billion lack basic handwashing facilities. The report also shone a spotlight on the issue of open defecation and how the developing world has been tackling it. As recently as 2015, a chronic lack of toilets was driving nearly a billion people to defecate outdoors, resulting in widespread disease and millions of deaths. That year, the UN called for an end to the practice and some countries have had notable success in eradicating it.

Electric Bus Adoption Is Critical for Sustainable Cities - Here's How to Get There 
World Resources Institute | READ STORY

The adoption of electric buses, mainly by municipal governments, has accelerated in recent years, increasing more than 80-fold between 2011 and 2017. But cities still have a long way to go. Investment in electric buses and other low-carbon technologies needs to double over the next two decades to keep global warming below safe thresholds, as identified by the IPCC. Reaching this goal will require overcoming specific barriers and encouraging key enabling factors, according to new research from WRI, which examined real-world experiences from 16 cities that have attempted to adopt electric buses to greater and lesser degrees of success.

Cities are beginning to own up to the climate impacts of what they consume 

What greenhouse gas emissions are you responsible for? That question is not as easy to answer as it might appear. Say you drive to the store, buy a soda, and drive home. Your car (unless you have an electric vehicle) spewed a certain amount of carbon dioxide. Those are the only greenhouse gases you produced. But consider: Manufacturing the bottle, making the soda, shipping the bottle to the store, and disposing of the bottle all produce greenhouse gases.

Upcoming Events

CDS 2019 Annual International Conference

July 14-17, 2019
Columbia, Missouri
Sponsor: Community Development Society

NAACP Annual Convention

July 20-24, 2019
Detroit, Michigan 
Sponsor: NAACP

UNIDOS US Annual Conference

August 3-6, 2019
San Diego, California
Sponsor: Toyota, Vayamos Juntos 

Commnity Action Partnership Annual Convention 

August 26-27, 2019
Chicago, Illinois
Sponsor: CAP

Grants, Awards, Jobs

Billings Community Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing
Funder: Billings Community Foundation

Charlotte Martin Foundation

Deadline: February 1, 2020
Funder: Cahrlotte Martin Foundation

Anasazi Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing 
Funder: Non-Profit Donations 

National / International News

North Dakota Focuses on Ethics

July 12, 2019 USA News

People and animals evacuated as raging fire burns 3,000 acres in Maui

July 12, 2019 CNN

Lights for Liberty immigration protests over border camps planned at 700 cities

July 12, 2019 USA Today

Montana News

Montana Code School faces uncertain future as enrollment plummets

July 11, 2019 KPAX

Details emerge in MSU "shelter-in-place" incident

July 11, 2019 KPAX

Trailblazing Celebration for first piece of Skyline Trail Saturday

July 12, 2019 KULR

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