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October 2019

MT Community Development Update

Our MACDEP President Ashley Kent just announced that the Annual Business meeting will be October 23, 7-8 am in SUB 168. Please contact her if you have agenda items to add. 

Members of the new MSU Extension Diversity and Inclusion group are planning an 'LGBTQ Nite Out!' on Tues. Oct. 22 starting at 6pm in Bozeman for lite fare and conversation (location TBD, likely a local pub or restaurant). This is an opportunity to learn more about our LGBTQ programming planning specifically, and Diversity and Inclusion topics more generally. Everyone is welcome to join this informal gathering; You can learn more about our work via the MSU Extension Community Development Diversity and Inclusion website.

The MSU Extension Community Development Program is pleased to co-sponsor a lecture by Leslie Samuelrich, president of Green Century Capital Management, on socially responsible investing Oct. 8 at the Norm Asbjornson Hall, MSU-Bozeman. More information via the MSU Press Release and at our new Impact Investing webpage where you can find more info on our plans to access video/audio of the lecture and upcoming webinar series on the topic. 

Tune in for a public lecture titled Creating Climate Resilient Communities to the Institute on Ecosystems Rough Cut seminar on Oct. 16 at noon; the lecture is free and open to the public.

-Paul Lachapelle
MSU Extension Community Development Program Leader

Reports & Resources

Almost Everywhere, Fewer Children Are Dying
The New York Times | READ STORY

Two decades ago, nearly 10 million children did not live to see a 5th birthday. By 2017, that number -- about 1 in every 16 children -- was nearly cut in half, even as the world's population increased by more than a billion people.

Charts Showing Explosive Momentum In Clean Energy Sector
Seeking Alpha| READ STORY

We have all heard and read about the pristine, bright future in store for renewable energy. Yet, the clean energy sector has arguably failed to take off in a big way (yet), and the global economy remains hooked onto primary energy sources like fossil fuels like oil and coal. As such, the burning question remains - when are we finally going to see the secular shift towards renewables?

More than One-Quarter of physics Nobel Laureates are Immigrants, Reveal Updated Infographics
Physics World | READ STORY

In 2015 we created several infographics that illustrate the movement of physics Nobel laureates around the world. Our goal was to understand the relationships between high-quality science and migration. Now, with the 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics to be announced on 8 October we have updated the infographics with data from the latest winners.

Climate Change Likely to Have Uneven Effect on Ag Productivity
Daily Yonder | READ STORY

Some regions that have already adapted to tough climate conditions may see less disruption on the farm than other areas that aren't as accustomed to drought and higher temperatures. 

About One-In-Five U.S. Adults Know Someone Who goes by a Gender-Neutral Pronoun
Pew Research Center | READ STORY

As the experiences of people who don't identify as a man or a woman have gained attention, a majority of Americans say they have heard at least a little about the use of gender-neutral pronouns. And about one-in-five (18%) say they personally know someone who goes by such pronouns.

Upcoming Events

Hard Rock Mining Impact Board

October 10, 2019
Helena, MT
Sponsor: Montana Department of Commerce

5th Annual MSU Snow and Avalanche Workshop

October 9, 2019
Bozeman, MT
Sponsor:  ASMSU Outdoor Recreation

2019 Agricultural Economics Outlook Conference: Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Agriculture 

November 1, 2019
Bozeman, MT
Sponsor: MSU Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics and MSU Extension

Grants, Awards, Jobs

Outcomes-based Contracting To Lower Recidivism and Homelessness

Deadline: Oct 15, 2019
Funder: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Emergency Supplemental Historic Preservation Fund

Deadline: Oct 15, 2019
Funder: National Park Service

Habitat Incentives Program competition for Federal fiscal year (FY) 2020

Deadline: Nov 27, 2019
Funder: Natural Resources Conservation Service

National / International News

Prince Harry Retraces Princess Diana’s Steps in Angolan Minefield

September 27, 2019, The New York Times

China's Xi pays respect to Mao ahead of 70-year celebrations

September 29, 2019 WTHR

Montana News

Hemp takes root with Montana farmers

September 29, 2019 Billings Gazette

40 Inches of Snow in Montana: 'It's a February Storm in September'

Sept. 30, 2019, The New York Times

Montana Cider Week returns for the 6th year

Sep 30, 2019, Fox Montana

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