CPS staff is available to provide consultation and assistance in crisis or emergency situations involving MSU students.

In the event of an emergency during our office hours : call or come into the office and special accommodations will be made to allow the student to be seen as quickly as is possible. Examples of such a crisis or emergency include:

  • Someone who is imminently at risk of hurting themselves or someone else;
  • Someone who has experienced a recent trauma or loss (e.g. rape, death);
  • Someone who feels they cannot cope/control their thoughts/emotions;

When you call or come in, the receptionist may ask you some basic questions to assess the severity of your concern and to determine when someone is available to see you. Rest assured that you will be seen as soon as it is possible.

In the event of an emergency after hours , CPS provides on-call crisis response during the academic year. If you live on campus you can reach an on-call counselor by contacting Residence Life staff or Campus Police at 994-2121.

If you live off campus, you can receive assistance through the Bozeman Help Center by calling 586-3333. They will either help you with your concern or put you in contact with an on-call staff member from CPS.

CPS staff is also available to MSU faculty and staff to consult about crisis situations or any concerns they may have about a particular student. Click here for more information.

This is provided for information only: In the event of an emergency, call us at 994-4531 (during office hours), or call 911, campus police at (2121) or the Bozeman Help Center at (586-3333).